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Jan 10, 2014 09:24 AM


A few months ago, there was a lot of talk about a branch of this oversized Mario Batali restaurant/Italian store opening up in Los Angeles, perhaps at the Century City Mall, perhaps in Downtown. Any news lately?

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  1. No news. No announcements . but lots of roomers. Century City in the new remodel (where Bloomingdales is now after they move to the corner)?, Beverly Center ground floor?, Downtown Los Angeles (former Mall where the Broadway Department Store was)? West Hollywood? Beverly Hills? The only confirmed info is the Chicago location will open first.

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      From LA Eater
      "The newest Eataly rumor floating around town is that the mega Italian mart is headed to Century City. A source shares intel that the Westfield Century City Mall will build an entirely new branch to accommodate Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's massive artisanal Italian food and wine marketplace and collection of eateries.

      Here's a list of past locales supposedly considered by team Eataly:

      1) The Beverly Center
      2) San Vicente/Melrose
      3) Beverly Hills/West Hollywood area
      4) Fairfax

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        a source who wishes to remain anonymous" says that Eataly is in "serious discussions" to open at Macy's Plaza, or rather what will become The Bloc after a $160-million remodel by developer The Ratkovich Company. Supposedly, Eataly would occupy much of the space that now functions as the food court below Macy's.

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          New roomer…LAX Theme Building….just kidding.

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            "roomer" -- Do these "roomers" share a house? Sorry, but I couldn't resist....

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              I'm dyslexic for real and even spell check can't always save me. sorry.

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                Glad it doesn't stop you from your generous postings here Wienermobile! And some of us can't help being the spelling police--sorry.

    2. This needs to happen. The thought of their salumi selection alone is making me crazy...

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        Have you ever gone into Guidi Marcello's http://www.guidimarcello.com/#!cold-c... in Santa Monica to peruse their salumi selecton?

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          Actually, I have. It's great! Although, I must confess, between many of the Italian products available from large producers, and the slightly smaller local (i.e. stateside) salumi makers, I'm more partial lately to Creminelli and La Quercia, and of course, Armandino Batali's fantastic treats (Lardo - I'm talkin' to you), from Salumi in Seattle. That said, I know Chi Spacca has an amazing salumi program, which makes me all the more excited about what treats could await at a Los Angeles Eataly...

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          Forget about their salumi selection, I can't wait to sample their salami selection!

        3. Why do people want to eat at a "restaurant" modeled after an (albeit Italian) airport foodcourt? I never understood this.

          And now Eataly Chicago is basically flopping around like a dying fish out of water.

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            the beergarden on the roof in nyc has decent food and is a fun place to get plowed.

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              Hate to put down a supposedly good spot/idea,
              but something about this and the money-making Batali/Bastianich crowd kinda repels me.
              Being fair and being a latent Italian, I will probably pay a visit while holding tight to my wallet.

            2. Photo from new Chicago location

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                The Chicago place looks to me like some sort of casino in an Asian city...

              2. I'm a fan of Eataly, both the Rome and Manhattan outposts. Grabbing snacks, even a meal at one of the many stands, is always an option but the real impact is access to so many Italian meats, cheeses, pastas and so on. All under one roof.

                Los Angeles would benefit from hosting Eataly.

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                  agree with steve h--i've only been to one eataly, and that was in genoa. iirc, that's the original.(i stand corrected--the first eataly was in turin.) it was fabulous--floor after floor of italian specialties--pastas, fresh and dried, oils, sauces, balsamicos, dried mushrooms and tomatoes, vino and more. several dining options and wine bars. loved it. put me in mind of gallerie lafayette's food "court", but italian. i would love to see an eataly in los angeles.