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Jan 10, 2014 08:28 AM

Winter Food Adventure in Alpes-Maritimes (Côte d'Azur - Antibes, Nice, Cannes)

My wife and I will be staying in Antibes for the next month (January 10 to February 9). This post will be an ongoing account of our dining experiences. Please feel free to add your recommendations!

We hope to do at least a couple of ultra-luxe, starred meals each week, along with more casual meals and at-home cooking (we're staying at a rented apartment with our infant daughter and another family member / babysitter).

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  1. Friday, Jan 10 - Breakfast
    Pâtisserie Cottard
    Casual French Bakery
    49 Rue de la République

    Our first morning in town, we dropped into this small patisserie, which happened to be near our apartment.

    The croissant and pan au chocolat were a bit dry, but fine. A chasson aux pomme (apple turnover) was better. All had golden, flaky outer crust. Espresso service was good.

    1. Friday, Jan 10 - Lunch
      Cafe Pimm's
      Casual Brasserie
      Rue de la Republique


      One of the busier cafes in the area, Pimm's serves typical brasserie fare.

      Hache au Pavre (basically a hamburger steak with pepper sauce) was fine. The fish special consisted of salmon and cod with saffron butter sauce, and was also fine. The highlight was certainly the rotisserie chicken, which was tender and generously - perhaps even a bit too generously - seasoned.

      Overall, the food met our expectations and was a decent value.

      Service was very good. Despite my wife's passable French, all the servers insisted on speaking to us in fluent English and were very understanding of our infant daughter's slight fussiness.

      1. Go soon to Le Figuier de Saint Esprit. You will want to go several times.