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Jan 10, 2014 08:16 AM

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Repair

I have a vintage 1950's era Mixmaster. I can use it as a hand mixer but the mechanism that makes the bowl turn will not work. Any suggestions for repair? I tried the Sunbeam site but they could not help me.

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  1. I have not had one in a while as we give mine away. If I recall correctly, the bowl turns from the action of the beating -- there is no drive belt or gear. I think the platform the bowl sits on "pops out" and you can clean under there and maybe lubricate the stem that is in the center of the rotating plate, or maybe lube the bottom hole it goes into. I'm not sure what kind of lube to use, You could possibly take the plate with the stem to a hardware store and ask -- bicycle grease might work.

    1. Thanks! That would be great if that is all it is!!!

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        Please let us know how it turns out.

      2. OK. I found a page with old Mixmaster service instructions. This one says "If the bowl does turn freely, remove bowl and turntable, then oil built in ball bearing *lightly*." This page suggests sewing machine oil. A drop should do it.

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          I have a model 7B. I have oiled the turntable and I have oiled the mechanics but the turntable will still not spin. Now I am wondering if the beaters that it came with are not the correct ones. (We had a Sunbeam Mixmaster model growning up and there was a small beater with a plastic cap on the blade end and then a larger more square beater. The plastic cap was what made contact with the bowl.
          My beaters are the same size but neither of them has a plastic cap on the end. I think I am out of Luck :(. Thanks for your help though...

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            If I recall correctly, one is squarish and one has a more rounded end. I looked on ebay and found a pair like that so I believe that's correct. The roundish one has the plastic thingie on the end. BTW, there are lots of old Mixmasters and parts on ebay including motor brushes. Had ebay been around when I gave mine away, I might have been able to get those brushes and keep the mixer -- we had lots of attachments.

        2. My wife bought an old Model 11 mixmaster. I need to replace the beater drive shafts. Any idea where to go for these parts. otherwise the unit is in good shape.