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Jan 10, 2014 08:07 AM

What is the one thing you refuse to eat out because your homemade version is unbeatable?

For me, it's linguine with clam sauce, meatloaf and tuna salad. I am picky about all of these and refuse to eat them out because they just cannot compare. What are your homemade preferences?

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  1. Cioppino. Have had it while at restaurants and it is disappointing.

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      Cioppino for me as well, emailfemale! I'd love to hear your recipe :)

    2. Chicken Cacciatore and most other Italian dishes

      Hungarian Goulash

      French Onion Soup

      1. almost never eat italian... no point

        1. Thai food. Not that I'm so great at it, but having spent a decent amount of time in Thailand I just can't eat what they serve in the restaurants here - mine is far closer to what I experienced there.

          1. I'm interested in your recipe for unbeatable Meatloaf -- it's one of the things I think freezes and reheats well, but I'm not actually that awesome at making it.