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Jan 10, 2014 08:00 AM

Black Bean Soup?

I'm looking for a flavorful, vegetarian version black bean soup recipe that is thick, not soupy. Can anyone help? TIA

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  1. Beans by themselves are not that flavorful but draw flavor in black bean soup from sauteed bacon and the addition of chicken stock. That being said you could make a flavorful vegan version by sauteing a mirepoix (2 parts onion, 1 part carrot, 1 part celery) in olive oil along with seeded chiles (serrano or jalepeno) and adding vegetable stock (Knorr makes a good one) and 2/3's of your beans. Let everything heat through and buzz it smooth with an immersion blender and add the other 1/3 of your beans. Add toasted cumin seed if you have it along with seasoning with salt and pepper.

    When I make BB soup I use 6 cans of Goya black beans undrained.

    Good luck

    1. Lots of people making various bean soups here:

      Maybe ask your question there too?

      1. Start with a flavorful stock: a decent vegetarian cookbook can give you tips for meatless stocks. My black bean soups are heavily Mexican influenced, so I add chiles and tomatoes: Rick Bayless' Mexican cookbooks have a tip for concentrating the tomato flavor: puree the tomatoes and chiles, then cook the puree over low heat until it's the consistency of a paste. You can add the stock at this point and continue cooking the mixture down to the desired thickness. Then add the cooked beans and heat

        I find that a squeeze of lime juice just before serving perks up the soup (and a slice of lime floating on it looks pretty)

        1. I made an Indian Dal with black beans this week. This isn't exactly soup, and it it somewhat involved in the prep, but FABULOUS flavours! The smell of fresh tomato, ginger, and garlic was transcendant!!

          I think you could use Vah Chef's methods and perhaps simplify the spices to your liking. The cream and butter could be reduced and the water increased to achieve a soup consistency.

          BTW If you want to control the heat in a recipe like this:
          --blend hot red chili powder with paprika
          --blend sweet bell peppers with hot green chilis

          1. Just scroll to the bottom for the recipe- its a black bean sweet potato quinoa chili that is really filling- adjust spices for how hot you like

            And this version is a take on african peanut soup but using black beans and adding in greens- the peanut butter is what takes this over the top: