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Jan 10, 2014 07:58 AM

Anything new in London?

Going there next week and in Central London, besides Rueben's and Bevis Mark, anything new?

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      1. re: arsenal123

        I was looking at the prices, and noticed that the online menu said that VAT and a 12.5% service charge was included. Now I know nothing about how it works in London, but if there is no other tax or tip added, it really doesn't seem any more expensive than here in NY where you will be adding approximately 27% (9% for tax and 18% for tip) to any menu prices. On the other hand, if the expectation is to add a tip, or there are other taxes, then that obviously adds to the total.

        1. re: queenscook

          Restaurants in London do not include service. 12.5% is added to the bill at the end.
          IMO if you come from NY with NY expectations you may be disappointed at the value for money.

          1. re: arsenal123

            "Restaurants in London do not include service. 12.5% is added to the bill at the end."

            If this restaurant says its price includes a 12.5% service charge, then there's obviously no extra 12.5% added to the bill at the end.

        2. re: arsenal123

          any place pushing to have top ingredients, technique & freshness NEEDS to be expensive, restaurants like that make less $ than the cheap ones.

          1. re: Moishefrompardes

            I'm not convinced it NEEDS to be expensive considering it is located in a shul. Other restaurants in the area using "top ingredients, technique & freshness" do not cost as much.

      2. Zest at JW3 is a nice place to get a dairy meal near Hampstead -

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        1. re: debs76

          Or in Hampstead. :-)

          And arsenal, why would its location in a shul (adjacent might be more accurate) matter?

          1. re: DeisCane

            it is on the shul premesis. it would be fair to assume that their overheads would be lower than local competition

            1. re: arsenal123

              which is also the oldest synagogue in the country so I am sure it has high overheads to begin with.

              1. re: debs76

                i doubt the restaurant is covering the costs of a 300 year old synagogue

                1. re: arsenal123

                  I guess I have a hard time thinking that the S&P community is cutting its rent significantly on such a valuable piece of property. Besides, 1701 is in the Michelin guide (only one in the UK, one of three in the world) so if any kosher place is going to be expensive, it kind of has a right to be!

                  I'm a bit confused, though. How does the BM restaurant compare to 1701? I had thought 1701 replaced BM but based on the website they seem like separate entities.

                  I really have to get over there one of these days--one of the downsides of working in Hammersmith!

                  1. re: DeisCane

                    They are entirely separate. As far as I understand the original restaurant left the premises but kept the name although a good 5 mins walk away and closer to the east end than the city.
                    1701 is a contemporary fine dining restaurant.
                    The Restaurant is serving more of the classics.

                    1. re: arsenal123

                      Thanks for clearing that up. I want to try both. Soon!

                  2. re: arsenal123

                    of course not, but my point was that the rent is probably still high, regardless of the fact that it is a shul They are also catering to the local business people and apparently hoping for a michelin star next year.

          2. So @wallstbnkr - how was your trip? and where did you eat?