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Jan 10, 2014 07:49 AM

Cooked Frozen lobster recipe

I have never cooked/used lobster at home before. I bought some cooked frozen lobster and not really sure what to do with it.
Any suggestions?

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  1. You could make lobster bisque. I wanted to get some for that purpose, but we can't get it here an more. I cooked some tails that were on sale and used those. Use "Better Than Buillioun" lobster stock instead of making your owjn and you will find it very good -- my guests did. I used the Joy of cooking recipe but used the stock from the jar and chopped tails. Everyone loved it!

    1. Lobster bisque is a good suggestion. You could also make lobster mac n cheese. I would not use it to make lobster salad, as frozen lobster is to wet to make a good lobster salad.

      1. lobster tacos or burritos

        1. I made lobster stew last week with the same cooked frozen lobsters. I was disappointed. The lobster was way over cooked and was tough. I made stock first and reserved the meat for the stew. Then I made the stew with the stock and added the lobster when just about ready to serve. Over cooking was on the vendor end.

          1. I've got a load of lobster so thinking of trying bisque and mac and cheese which is not dissimilar to lobster thermidor and I've had good lobster mac and cheese before so hopefully it turns out ok. Thanks for all the helpful tips.
            Intrigued by the burrito suggestion too, prawns lend themselves well to all manner of spices so I'm guessing lobster does too.

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              you don't want to use it in anything that will require "cooking" vs. a dish that will just warm it. in other words, you'll be baking the lobster with the mac and cheese and so will wind up with tail meat that is stringy and dry. better off with something like a bisque where you just toss chunks in at the end to warm through on very gentle heat.

              and yes, it's a sweet shellfish so will lend itself to all sorts of flavors.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Lobster m&c will work if it's the sort where you make a cheese sauce, combine with pasta and (cold) cooked lobster, pushing it below the surface, and just bake/broil long enough to make a bubbly brown top. Won't work if it's a recipe that layers pasta & cheese and has milk poured over it, since that requires longer baking.

                1. re: greygarious

                  lol, i think lobster mac & cheese is a travesty anyway. :)