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ISO Great Tonkatsu

Where might one find an excellent crispy and juicy fried pork cutlet in Toronto?

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  1. Kingyo Vancouver does a great tonkatsu for lunch. Does Kingyo Toronto do the same?

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    1. re: Crispier Crouton

      They are not open for lunch in Toronto and I haven't seen tonkatsu on their dinner menu...too bad.

      1. re: grandgourmand

        I recently discovered Tonkatsu and make it often with either pork or chicken breaded with panko. Very easy to make! I did have a problem locating the sauce so I bought a case of it on Amazon.

        1. re: zackly

          Zackly, great minds think alike. I bought ingredients to make it at home. As for the sauce (thanks for the link), frankly it is my least favorite part of the dish, but in the spirit of authenticity I found a number of recipes online and will take a crack at it :)

          Home cooking aside, would still be interested to discover where to find a great Tonkatsu in Toronto!

          1. re: zackly

            I've bought that sauce at Sanko last year. I assume they still have it.

      2. For lunch, SkylineR33 and myself usually head over to J-Town. Decent quality.

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          Thanks Charles, is there a specific spot inside J-Town? I've never been, but have wanted to visit for years... #longdrive just decent eh?

          Feels like Toronto is missing (or we have yet to discover) a spot that excels with fried dishes such as Katsu, as well as Tempura as per the earlier thread.

          1. re: JonasBrand

            The casual eatery next to the grocery/bakery.
            We sometimes eat the pork chop with Japanese curry sauce!

        2. Europe on Bathurst, if you're up for Hungarian Tonkatsu aka Schnitzel.

          1. Downtown, Tokyo Kitchen is the best I've tried. I love that spot for Japanese comfort food.

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            1. re: childofthestorm

              yeah, it's a bit of a hidden gem. they have asahi black too.

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                I need to revisit Tokyo Kitchen - could have sworn that they changed hands a few years ago, but it's true that their cooked dishes were always great, if not as cheap as Tokyo Grill.

              2. I like Tokyo Grill for tonkatsu. And you can get Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce at PAT Central in Koreatown.

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                1. re: Wench Foraday

                  Thanks for the tip re: local tonkatsu sauce, will def pick some up, hear good things about bulldog!

                  1. re: JonasBrand

                    NP! I'm going to use the bulldog for making hambaagu at home this week...mmm...