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Jan 10, 2014 07:13 AM

Birthday Dinner for 12 - Suggestions?

ISO suggestions for a great dinner out for 12 foodies for a friend's 50th birthday. Any part of town is fine - the only restriction is that we are looking for either a private room OR a round table, something where everyone feels included.

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  1. Triple Crown has started hosting private events in their future dining room. Have not actually seen the room, and don't know how they are dealing with menus etc. They do have a liquor license and a co-owner who knows how to make cocktails (mostly bourbon-based).

    IMO the regular menu is very good but not suitable for a 50th b-day dinner with 12 foodies, so I would ask them what kind of special dishes they can make. The specials are often quite a bit fancier than the regular fare, and I have no doubt they can cook up something worthy.

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    1. re: Mr F

      Great suggestion, Mr. F. Even though we are foodies, it's a fun crowd so this could work well. Thanks!

    2. Chez L'épicier in the Old Port has a private room you can reserve for birthdays. I went to one last spring. I believe 5eme peche has one as well.

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        5ieme Peche is a great idea, though we once tried to book their private room for a group of 12-15 on a weekday night and it was going to be prohibitively expensive. I think it is meant for larger gatherings, although there might be exceptions.

      2. Get a large table at La Salle à Manger (you could order a special menu)

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          They used to do a whole suckling pig for groups of 12.

        2. Howsabout Chinatown?
          Perhaps not the pinnacle of celebration style, but sitting at a round table, sharing 18 different dishes can make everyone feel part of the action.
          Maybe Konbai II on upper Clark where you can get foodie worthy plates such as the tripe/tongue/heart plate (delicious), beef in water (ask for it spicy), pork hock in brown gravy, cold chicken on bone app, one of the best mapo tofu in city, lamb in cumin, fungus salad app, etc etc etc

          1. They have a big table in the kitchen at Impasto... this is a really fun experience. The food is great, and wine even better.

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              1. re: jptimbaud

                I was going to say, last time I was at Impasto, the kitchen had no room for any kind of table, big or small...
                Unless Stax meant the bar which fronts the kitchen, but I wouldn't call it a table.

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                  A bar wouldn't be good, no chance for the group to interact with each other. Does Pastaga have a private room and is it good? I have heard mixed reviews...

                  1. re: mikjomom44

                    You can eat in the kitchen at Pastaga; there is a couple of long tables, enough for 12.

                    I've eaten there twice and both time it was very good.