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Jan 10, 2014 06:34 AM

Multiple fat confit

does it matter if I use different types of fat to confit a piece of meat such as pork belly or duck legs?
Just wondering if i mix lard and goose fat would it give an odd taste?
I'm mainly asking as a cost issue as lard is crazy cheap compared to goose or duck fat.

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  1. I wouldn't use the hydrogenated lard from the supermarket. Ever. Is that the stuff you have? I'd use a combo of olive oil and whatever other actual animal fats you have kicking around. Or just render a few more ducks. :)

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      yeah I have the supermarket stuff alright. How about dripping (beef fat) think it's a bit cheaper than duck fat. I know its great for chips (fries) and roast potatoes.
      Not at home to look at the label but what does the supermarket lard contain?

      1. re: Ultron

        it's the processing -- it's basically a block of trans-fats. do not buy it or use it.

    2. Good lard tastes good and I guess it would be fine.
      But the duck or goose fat are so good. I'd cook a duck or goose , have the meal and then the fat for the confit.

      1. Other than getting a mixture of flavors that your palate isn't familiar with, why not. Whether the flavor would be "odd" (as in unpleasant) probably depends on the individual. Try it and let us know. My guess is the main reason that duck legs were traditionally preserved in duck fat is that that's what was available on the farm when ducks were being dispatched.

        1. It'll be fine. No worries.

          I wouldn't use supermarket lard, though.

          1. Mixing fat is not a problem. I use chicken fat lard & duck fat, olive oil, clarified butter, whatever I have on hand. If you have a Mexican grocer nearby, they frequently sell rendered pork fat in the meat department that works well for this application or make a friend @ your local Chinese restaurant (providing they have duck on the menu) and ask them if you can buy duck fat. Roasting ducks yields a lot of fat so they should have a good supply & probably even throw some of it away.