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Jan 10, 2014 06:05 AM

Vernors Ginger Ale YYC

Having contracted a monster cold, I thought of the warm Vernors mom used to give me when I was a kid. Anyone know if it is available in Calgary? I need to send Mrs. Scary on a mission of mercy.

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  1. SB,
    Gee , finally found some common ground here!
    Wish I could be of help but I`ve been searching for Vernor`s for years with zero success. It`s tough to find west of the Mississippi. Last year I found a store in Kalispell, Montana that was carrying it but next trip they said they were no longer carrying it due to poor sales.

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    1. re: rancher rick

      Ricky, I figure we likely have even more in common than just Vernors! Guess I'll have to wait until my next Montana trip. Can't understand why it's not more commonplace as it is the best ginger ale.

      1. re: Scary Bill

        Well, you just never know!!
        I do agree that Vernor`s is absoluely the best ginger ale. After discovering Fentiman`s Tonic makes the "best" G & T`s, I tried their ginger beer which, IMHO, is a superior gb. If you haven`t experienced Fentiman`s you owe it to yourself to sample a bottle. There are some excellent ginger beers out there, Fentiman`s is one of them.
        Next Montana trip(Spring) I`ll do some scounting around for the much fabled Vernor`s so will file a progress report.

        1. re: rancher rick

          I second this. I haven't ever had Vernors, but Fentiman's is superior

    2. I used to buy some in Great Falls when we would cross the border but can't find it anywhere these days. Throw in some Better Made chips and a Detroit Coney and there might be a road trip in my future.

      1. It's everywhere in Green Bay WI. Then again we drink more Brandy than any other State in the Nation and it's
        a great Mixer.