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Jan 9, 2014 11:30 PM

One night in Lombard

Any suggestions please for a Pescetarian fish and veg eater for west side of Chicago. Staying in Lombard. Can't find much out that way.

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  1. I like Glen Prairie in nearby Glen Ellyn. Looking at their dinner menu, I see 6 pescetarian friendly entrees.

    1. Autre Monde in Berwyn is first rate. Only a few fish and veg entrees, but great food.
      If you like sushi, Sakana in Elmhurst is decent.

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      1. re: Polski

        Berwyn is not that close to Lombard. In Lombard, you might consider Greek Islands. Lots of fish choices.

        1. re: Polski

          Autre Monde was great thanks. Vegetable dishes and pasta were delicious. Just wish for them it was busier. Maybe 17oF has something to do with it.....

          1. re: stephenlg

            Glad you made the trek and had a good experience. Hope others will support this terrific place.

        2. Thanks Chowhounders, fast replies and good advice.