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Jan 9, 2014 07:41 PM

Where should I go for lunch tomorrow?

I jut decided to take tomorrow off. Live in Harvard square and would prefer to walk up to 30 minutes (happy to walk to kendell area). Any suggestions? Recently moved back after five years away so haven't tried that many new places. Did this a few weeks ago and had a great lamb sandwich at west bridge. I should add that I'd prefer to eat at a place witha bar (don't judge!)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. hi mike, iirc there was a recent thread on lunch places that mentioned alot of kendall spots. EVOO does lunch, as does Mulan (good threads on Mulan). Desfina's does a pretty good grilled lamb kabob sdwch w/ tatziki.

      In the other direction, Strip T's in Watertown does lunch. It has been a major CH fav spot but recently a number of posts about not so great lunch experiences with certain dishes. But I can still vouch highly for their burger w/ smoked miso aioli and house pickled onions.... and their v.popular oxtail w/ grilled romaine and spicy sauce (my fav of all their dishes.)

      When you are open to Brookline, you might enjoy Cutty's in Brkl.Village. Exc pork and shaved fennel sandwich. They make everything there. Also in Brk Vill- Matt Murphy's.

      In Harv Sq, the new place going into Casablanca's old spot- will open soon. Welcome home, Mike. Lots of restnt activity since you were last here!

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        Worth pointing out though that Cutty's only has their pork sandwiches on Saturdays. That said, there are plenty of other excellent options during the week!

      2. try commonwealth. great pastrami, bahn mis, etc. a bar to boot.

        1. I'm also looking for a lunch place. Boston or Cambridge preferred. Have had great lunches at West Bridge, Strip Ts, Myers + Chang, Coppa. Looking for something new for lunch - preferably not a sandwich - and glass of wine with a friend midweek. Any suggestions?

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                  2nd Shojo. The "Damn! Damn!! Noodles!!!" on the menu always make me laugh: http://shojoboston.com/

              1. I like Bon Me a lot, although I know people have split opinions. Their brick and mortar in Kendall is pretty good but there's no bar.