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Jan 9, 2014 04:58 PM

ISO restaurant in Outremont for small group for lunch.

A friend of mine is looking for a (small) restaurant that could accomodate a small group of professional for business lunchs on Tuesday.

If it has a small private room the better.

They are now going to Chez Lévêque and are looking for something else (I don't know the actual reasons);

The Menu should be "easy" (if that makes sens)

Two places got my attention because they have a private room:
Christophe and Paris-Beurre both on Van-Horne.

"Van Horne" itself might be too "foodie" (or intimate for a business group lunch.

What is left worthwhile on Bernard st. ?



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  1. There's Les Enfants Terribles, as well as the new place that the Holder brothers just opened (where La Moulerie used to be), both on Bernard. Lemeac on Laurier would also be a better choice than Chez Leveque, IMHO. And Mikado on Laurier has private rooms.

    1. Paris-Beurre would be perfect for such an occasion. Their private room is really nice, food is solid although not very inventive and lunch menu is quite affordable... dessert included!

      1. "Menu should be 'easy'." Trans.: We're a biz crowd, so we can't satisfy everyone's taste, nor do we care since it's about the meeting, not the food.

        Solution: forget a nice place and try to find a private room at Baton Rouge or some such middle-of-road 'nice' chain restaurant.