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Jan 9, 2014 04:55 PM

What are some "shouldn't miss" dishes at Proof?

I am an out-of-tower who will be eating dinner at Proof in 2 weeks with 2 others. What are some of their "signature" dishes -those that we should not miss if we never get to eat there again? Two of us will try almost any food, whereas the third is a bit picky and won't touch seafood. Thanks

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  1. I like the lamb burger and the spaghetti and meatballs.

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    1. I haven't been in awhile but I remember that they had one of the better tuna tartar dishes in town.

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          third the tuna tartare. it's amazing, and what I consider a signature dish.

          They almost always have a duck breast dish that is fantastic. That is often my go-to.

          Proof truly is one of my favorite restaurants in DC. For years they have had consistently excellent food with wonderful ambiance. Without going to the price point of Komi, etc., there is no better place to get consistently excellent food in my view.

      1. How funny. My brother and his husband from Rhinebeck just passed through DC (where we work) and we ate at Proof. Any dish with duck confit, gnocchi, and the escarole salad. The charcuterie plate also was awesome. The maple sugar pudding...yum. My husband had the crispy pig head (croquettes, not the whole head)...very delicious. Obviously I am a fan.

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        1. The sablefish with miso glaze.

          1. I don't think I've ever had a "miss" dish at Proof. If the description for a dish sound good to you, you'll probably love it.

            Cheese/charcuterie are exceptionally well done here, and the second grouping of them are done in-house.

            I second most of the others' recommendations - the tartare, gnocci, and confit are stunning, but I also love the osso bucco ravioli, and they might have the best sweetbreads anywhere. Cassoulet, duck, scallops all spectacular.

            There are some restaurants you go to where you know that simpler is better, and if the combination sounds unusual or it seems like it would really take something special to make it work, you know to avoid. Here, thankfully, it's the opposite. Chef Karoum is a wizard, so jump in and pick what sounds best to you and prepare to be delighted.