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Jan 9, 2014 04:50 PM

A. Rafanelli 1998

A. Rafanelli 1998 - a few more bottles left . Time to open one up today. Been stored in a wine refrigerator around 55. Do you think a couple of hours is enough to decant or more time is needed?

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  1. IMHO an hour or so should be fine. I think I still have a couple of Rafanellis (Cab and Zin) from around then. I'm thinking the Zin is probably pushing it but the Cab should be great.

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      Thanks. I thought a couple of hours should be fine but I read an article where some folks will decant an older wine for several hours.

      1. re: Midlife

        I drank the last of my Rafanelli 1995 zin a couple of years back.

        1. re: rinkatink888

          Well, keep in mind that

          -- the 1935 Simi Sonoma County Zinfandel was outstanding in the mid-1970s, and in much better shape than the '35 Cabernet across repeated tastings;

          -- the 1968 Louis M. Martini Zinfandel was great in the 1990s;

          -- the 1970 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel was awesome when I had it in 1995, and others have said it was excellent at 40+;

          -- the 1975 Burgess Napa & Sonoma Zinfandel was apparently outstanding when Donald Patz (of Patz & Hall) opened it a week ago or so;

          -- and on and on and on.

      2. I would pop the cork, and taste. Then, decant and taste. Let it sit, with the decanter top off, for a bit, and taste. When YOU feel that it's just right - serve.



        1. I would carefully decant, but then quickly taste. Give it some time, and taste. Perhaps, taste a bit later. When YOU feel that it's right, go for it.

          I find many discussions on decanting time to be off - and in both directions. Only you will know when YOUR bottle is ready for the guests.