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Jan 9, 2014 04:39 PM

Six people ... help! [San Francisco]

Meeting family/friends. We are staying downtown, anywhere on light rail/bart is good. Physical disabilities prevent long walks, we are older. Places I would love to have gone but we can't get a reservation: Rich Table, Cotogna, Frances.

Places we've been that we'd prefer not to repeat (we are not in SF enough to try all the places) Coco500, Foreign Cinema, La Ciccia, Piperade, Perbacco, Delfina's.

Doesn't have to be incredibly upscale/expensive, in fact something good that takes reservations on transit and where we can hear ourselves (can't at Town Hall?) is good.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

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    1. Zare at Fly Trap if it's not too far from transit could work; you'd need to phone for a reservation. Maybe Range? Not sure about party of six there, though. Kokkari perhaps? You've already checked off a number of my go-to places where I want to be able to hear!

      1. I'm sorry, I should have said this is in three weeks, not tonight.

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        1. Check opentable. Gitane & Wayfare Tavern are short cab rides. Contigo would be fun...about 10/15 min cab ride. Book ASAP & then figure out transportation.

          In a pinch...One Market is close to Bart.

          Where are you staying?

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          1. Thanks all. Ended up able to get a table at Pesce. Not first choice but it is hard to find something for six before 8:30 p.m.