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Jan 9, 2014 04:26 PM

Need spots is birmingham

In a month or so will be in Birmingham for a week or so, first time so I need a few good family restaurants on the east side of the city. Thanks

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  1. When you say "family", do you mean kid-friendly or elder-friendly (or both?)

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      Just me and wife, on business and she with me. I meant just nice place to go, not loud like sports bars or hooters just nice place to go have nice dinner at end of day.

    2. The east side of town is predominantly chain dominated. Konomi in Trussville is a very good Japanese steakhouse. Their sushi is very, very good. Rock n Roll Sushi is very, very good as well. The Irondale Cafe is a fine meat & three (cafeteria style). It was the inspiration for the Whistle Stop Cafe in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. La Catrina in Trussville is a very pretty Hispanic restaurant with a menu that's a wee bit more adventurous than your average Mexican place. Taziki's is a casual Mediterranean place that's a local chain. Their lamb dishes are great. If you decide to go, try going on Friday or Saturday since they have a special on those days that's wonderful. Penne with grilled chicken, feta, balsamic vinegarette, mixed greens. It's a local phenomena.

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        La Cantrina's menu looks pretty good Sheilal.

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          In what town will you staying?

          Birmingham is an easy city to get around in, although cabs are not the most reliable.

          There are tons of great places to eat in the city so we can help you best if you can clarify a little more.

          If you're on business, does that mean expense account dinners? If so that means Dupont, Ocean, Highlands, FonFon, Bottega, etc.

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            Dax, I agree that Dupont, Highlands, etc. are excellent choices. Unfortunately, there aren't any comparable places on the eastern side of town, which was the criteria paid out by the poster. On another note, there's a new place in Trussville that opened up a couple of months ago that I'm looking forward to trying. Marisco's La Perla Nayarita & Tequila Bar's menu reflects the coastal regions of Mexico. It heavily skews to seafood. Not your average Mexican food . . . can I get an amen!!!

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              Sheila: What do you think about the Parish Oyster House in Tville? I went the other night and thought the "Sinner's Poboy" which was fried oysters and shrimp with likely siracha may was one of the better poboys I have had in a while. The baked oysters and sampler were fine but nothing amazing (nor were they expected to be) and the hushpuppies while deliciously spircy were too dense.

              And even after nearly 7 years here, I still don't know the geography as well as I should. I assumed he meant the Eastside of Birmingham city itself.

        2. el Barrio in Downtown is great if you like casual Mexican.