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Jan 9, 2014 04:22 PM

Danna, the team needs you... [G'ville SC]

Please go check out "17" and report back.It sounded as if you could almost walk to the place.We rode through the parking lot in early November,and what I assume is the new dining room, was far from finished.The menu has a very American Grocery feel to it, but what di I know!


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    1. re: carolinadawg

      north of Greenville, just off 25, about 1/2 way to Flat Rock.

    2. Ha. Yes, it is close to my house. Close being a relative term in the sticks, of course. We've been riding our bikes through the parking lot every few weeks for ages, andyou're right, it never looks quite finished.

      I'll do my best to get there soon. I appreciate the head's up, I'd been checking their website for months trying to find a menu and this morning was the first time I had any success. It does look interesting. And they have lunch! I wouldn't have bet on that. Maybe they expect to pull from retirees that live in the Cliffs, otherwise, I would think only hotel guests would make it out there during a weekday lunchtime.

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      1. re: danna

        Hey, have you ever been to The Coffee Pot Cafe? I've always wanted to stop, but we are always on our way to Asheville, so it would defeat the purpose.

        That drive up Hwy 25 has changed very little in my momory of over forty years.Remember that strange little "carnival", complete with a rickety looking Ferris wheel? Then there was that big boat sitting on top of a hill that looked like was placed there by a biblical flood, then theres the Rebel Supply Store, or what ever its called, only in TR I guess!

        1. re: mollybelle

          No, but my husband did and he wasn't too impressed. Like Stax breakfast, I think. They seem to do a lot of business.

          On New Year's Day we went to the Hungry Drover on 290/Tigerville rd. for Hoppin' John and Collards. First trip in had a lot of your standard meat n three/diner food, but the Hoppin John and Collards were both good. They advertise low country boil on some Fri nights, but I'm scared to try it. I'm a shrimp snob and I'm too cynical to hope its fresh, wild caught local(ish) shrimp.

          1. re: mollybelle

            The boat is gone now? I was thinking about that the last time I ventured down to Greenville.

        2. Two of my friends went Tuesday night for restaurant week and said it was fabulous. Waiting for more details and I asked them to post here. And danna, one sent me a pic of the lunch menu. I'll try to attach...

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          1. re: Scirocco

            thank you so much for thinking of me with the lunch menu! It looks pretty good, huh? Our server told me that once thay get a Sunday liquor license, they will begin doing Sunday brunch!

            1. re: danna

              This is great news! We will get there very soon.

              I hope we don't have a problem since we will most likely be driving a Ford. :)

              1. re: mollybelle

                I didn't get thrown out for the fake fur trim (on my coat...not the car...but that would be special), so you'll probably get to eat ;-)

                Oh...and consider eating on "farmer time" like the rest of us North G'ville hillbillies if you go during winter. (we went at 5:45 ) It would be a shame to miss the views by sitting down at 7:00.

          2. Hi Mollybelle. Here's a recap of our dinner for 6 this past Tuesday night. We were all pleasantly surprised at the pricing and thought the food quality was outstanding. Service timing needs a little tweaking, which I'm sure they're aware of. There are lots of photos, also. It's well worth the short drive for us North Carolinians over the border.

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            1. re: Carolina Epicurean

              Wow, easy 25 minute drive for us!

            2. We went Saturday night. I had debated waiting until after restaurant week was over, because sometimes I think restaurant week brings out the worst in a place, like Valentine's day does. But the excitement got the best of me.

              It was good. Better, than I would EVER have expected, honestly. We both did the restaurant week special, even though they offered the full menu, which I took as a good sign. We both started w/ salads, the husband got the endive with little balls of crunchy proscuitto...quite a surprise if you were expecting that brown thing to be the ubiquitous candied pecan when it went in your mouth! I had the beet and radish salad which was very nice.

              Second course was quail for my husband that was absolutely tender and beautifully seasoned. I think it was the highlight, along with the little balls of ??? fried dressing? fallalfel? whatever, it was not the rice i expected when I saw it. Brussels and apples completed the dish, the foie gras sauce was not noticeable.

              I had the seafood "hot pot" which consisted of 2 scallops and a piece of sea bass and some fabulous wild mushroom I can't name in a small pool of rich dashi. I suspect there was meant to be a piece of shellfish involved that was forgotten , but regardless, it was very nice seafood. Both our entrees were about the healthiest things I've had in a restaurant in a long time, so I was thrilled.

              I had the lemon dessert which you can see pictured on the Carolina Epicurian blogpost. It was great and had several complex components. My husband's chocolate doughnut had some delicious little pieces of toffee on the plate, but the doughnut itself was only so-so.

              I ordered a glass of the syrah Tour les Jours $7 which was very intense and delicious. I was shocked when I looked it up at home and found it to be a $13 bottle. I really appreciate it when a restaurant takes the time search out the good wines at great values for inclusion on the by-the-glass menu.

              Our server was great, although she was starting to be a bit harried by the end of dinner. The runners were a little ditzy, with one slamming into my chair about 80% of the time she walked past. It was pretty funny. The lovely young hostess had lost control of the coat closet and offered me a couple of coats I would MUCH rather have had than my own. There were a couple of nice upgrades available in the parking lot, too...and we were already driving a Porsche. That is to say...they seem to have attracted a well-to-do clientel. When I told our server i couldn't beleive there was a restaurant of that caliber so close to my house, she said a lot of the guests were in "the neighborhood". So, it has to be Cliffs money. I hope they don't figure that out and raise prices, because I would like to eat there more than on special occasions. Anyhow, the service was fine considering it was restaurant week.

              BTW, the view from the dining room is fabulous, and the room is beautiful in it's own right, with a burning fireplace and the gorgeous light fixture. Thanks to Mollybelle for encouraging me to hurry up and go!