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Jan 9, 2014 04:09 PM

New Greek restaurant in Freehold ?

Driving down through the borough yesterday, and caught a glimpse of a window sign announcing a Greek restaurant coming soon to empty storefront at 13 West Main Street ... that's on the west side of the CVS drugstore in the former Giovanna's {which didn't last too long at all} location.

Anyone know more details ?? At least it's not another Italian restaurant !

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  1. Thank goodness!! I have been saying forever..,we need a Greek restaurant in Freehold!! Let's hope it's good!! (And like you said, thank God not another Italian restaurant!)

    1. Noticed it today. I believe the name is Olive. It looked open around 4pm.

      1. It's not an Italian restaurant, but they unfortunately chose to name it "Olive," and all attempts at searching on it return hits for Olive Garden.

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          Anyone eaten here yet ? How is it ?

          A couple of the menu items look interesting, albeit perhaps a bit pricy (or maybe not --- don't have a lot of Greek dining establishments in the immediate neighborhood for comparison unlike other cuisines).

          1. re: bakersma

            We went last night. It was very good and we are looking to bring some of our friends back. It is a bit on the fancy side (at least on Friday night it was), So I felt a bit under dressed with just a tshirt and jeans on, but the staff was great.

            It seems to me like the food was a bit more "higher class" than your typical Greek/American place. Everything had more of a delicate touch and a lot of the foods where "lighter".. take for instance my wife's spanakopita, it was very tasty and delicious, the philo was flaky and not laden with pounds of cheese and butter like i've come to expect.

            We also forgot to ask that it is indeed a BYOB.

            And one more thing to note, they don't have the typical "gyro" meat (the pressed cone invention from chicago), they have chicken or pork instead.

            1. re: coldsolderjoint

              We also visited this weekend and had a good meal. They were packed and I was glad we thought ahead to reserve. While we didn't have an opportunity to speak with the staff (except to order), it seemed to be very much a family operation. We found it a little odd that the wait staff were very casually dressed with no uniformity to their clothing. They could have used 1-2 more employees to clear dishes, refill water glasses, bring more bread, etc. These relatively minor "criticisms" did not, however, interfere with our enjoyable meal. The four of us shared a greek salad and a sampling of their cold dips/spreads. I had the bronizini (perfectly cooked) and others had braised lamb shanks and shrimp dishes. We skipped dessert, but saw a few pass by that caught my eye. Very much worth a try.

              1. re: jsfein

                How did they serve the bronzini? Was it the whole fish?

                1. re: jrvedivici

                  Whole fish simply grilled with olive oil and some minor seasoning. Picking at the bones was a bit of a hassle as it always is, but very sweet.

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