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Jan 9, 2014 04:05 PM

Lima 33 New Peruvian restaurant in Little Neck

Look out Pio Pio...Loving the new Peruvian place in Little Neck on Northern Blvd!
The seasoning on the chicken is to die for...chicken is moist and tender. Nice vinaigrette on the avocado salad. All the usual accompaniments...fried plantains,rice and beans,salchipapas.
No liquor license but they serve a pitcher of Chicha (sp?)
A beautiful colored drink from blue corn and some spice which gives all the feel of sangria without the buzz!
Closed Monday ...opens at noon...worth a try. I've eaten there several times already and food is consistently great. Only got to dessert once since we are usually full but the desserts look interesting.
If you are looking for some authentic Peruvian food, go!

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