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Jan 9, 2014 03:55 PM

Saturday Brunch/Lunch?


Boyfriend and I are coming into NOLA for a quick trip before meeting up with my snowbird parents. They have suggested a "late lunch" (2-3pm) on Saturday when they pick us up before taking us back to AL.

I'm looking for a place that has both breakfast and lunch options as my parents will probably want lunch and we'll want breakfast. I made reservations at Atchafalya after searching the boards, but wondering if there are other options.

Location isn't too impt. We have a hotel in FQ, but they have a car so we can travel wherever. Would like entree price to be below $20.


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    1. I would suggest Stanley

        1. re: ppmsk

          Boyfriend and I did Stanley's. Sooo sooo good. It was really convenient to our hotel. and we ended up eating there twice since the menu was varied.

          I stuck with Atchafalya for Saturday brunch with the parents as I needed a place that took reservations since my dad is older and not willing to wait. Food was great. But in hindsight, the place was a little too loud with the live music, which I loved but my hard of hearing dad didn't.

          1. re: mmj333

            Glad you liked Stanley. What did you have?

            1. re: TeacherFoodie

              Friday I had the Eggs Stanley. Those cornmeal-crusted oysters were perfect. Boyfriend had Eggs Benedict Po Boy. It looked good too. He loved the bread (he's a carbaholic!).

              Saturday I wasn't feeling breakfasty so I ordered the Pigeali and “Loaded” Grits. Yum. Boyfriend went plain and ordered Stanley Classic.

              1. re: mmj333

                If you ever go back there the Corned Beef Hash and Bananas Foster French Toast are excellent. I really hope to get back to NO one day! Glad that you enjoyed. I always recommend it to people.

                1. re: TeacherFoodie

                  I'll have to try it next time. Corned beef hash is so good where we are from (NYC) so it would be nice to compare. But as I wanted something different, we didn't order.

                  I've been to NO several times and always enjoy it. My parents winter in AL so it's now convenient to try and visit every year!