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Any recommendation for good restaurants in SF?

Hello everyone, one of my new year resolution for 2014 is to explore the best restaurants in SF and peninsula. Yes, a very tasty resolution :)
I figured there are lots of experts on this forum. Any recommendations?

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  1. That's most of what this board is about. Just start reading and asking questions.

    If you see someone whose taste looks like yours, click the username in their post and see if they've entered a list of favorite restaurants, then search for posts on those places.

    Here's the new user FAQ for this board:


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      Nice. Thanks. The active posts on the board seem to be pretty random on topics. That's why I asked. :)

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        Your question, as stated, is akin to asking what you should buy at Wal-Mart. Casual dining? High-End? Ethnic? Give us some direction and you'll get much better results. There's no point in someone recommending you go to Coi if you're either not interested in that style of dining and/or not wanting to spend that much on a meal.

    2. If you are looking for high-end dining, the restaurants with two Michelin stars may be a good starting point.
      They are all pretty good in their own ways and there aren't any three stars in SF or the Peninsula.

        1. You know there are thousands of restaurants in SF and peninsula. You can go to a different one for each meal of each day of the year and never repeat the same place. So your first order of business is to narrow your focus (price range, cuisine, location, etc), then go from there. So one question may be, what are some of the better Italian restaurants in North Beach? Where do I go for best dim sum in the Peninsula? Etc.

          1. Thanks everyone for the reply. I am looking for something with less than $50 per person. I am interested in dining options in restaurants (instead of food trucks) and am pretty much open to any cuisine type.

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              Sorry to keep insisting but again your net is cast super wide.
              Here's some suggestions that I hope are helpful.

              Have you been to NOPA? It's basically becoming a standard, almost classic restaurant at this point. Casual yet very well executed "California" stye cuisine. Great cocktail menu and bar too.
              I've been into Chinese Dim Sum lately, specifically Shanhai Soup Dumplings. You could try Shanghai Dumpling King or Shanghai House or King Of Noodle. These are not fine dining experiences, they're pretty much hole-in-the-wall type Chinese restaurants with indifferent service but great dumplings, soup and chow mein.

              Maybe you could tell us what you don't have where you live and we could offer better suggestions or just the types of places. Are you into young and hip places with good cocktails (NOPA being a good example)? Are you interested in trying new types of cuisine? Guidance gets better results.

            2. If you haven't seen it already, check out this discussion about the "best bites of 2013"


              If you go through this list, you'll find a bunch of great options where people on this board have eaten in the past year (and specific dish recommendations to boot!)

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