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Dough, Asheville

Anybody been?What's good? I'm asking because Garden & Gun magazine just named their cinnamon rolls the best in town.

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  1. Hmm...I am a cinnamon roll junkie and snob...you have me curious now.

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    1. We go there frequently b/c it's in the neighborhood but have never tried the cinnamon rolls so thanks for the heads-up! They run daily specials (which you can check out ahead of time on Facebook) and have a set menu of a handful of sandwiches and pizzas which quite honestly have never been too inspiring to me. However their specials are always good, and I've had success with their "pick four" salad plate from the deli case ($9 I think?). their bread and desserts are very, very good. Will report back on those cinnamon rolls...

      1. Really good coconut cake. Haven't tried the cinnamon rolls. I'll have to change that.

        1. Haven't tried the cinnamon rolls. Like Miss Piggy, I like to go for lunch. Have really enjoyed their meatball sub, and their shrimp corn chowder. Have heard good reports on their kale/butternut squash pizza. Great rainbow cookies, and excellent chopped liver. Good baguettes, too.

          1. Their cinnamon rolls are great, but my favorite are the cronuts. You just have to try them. It's best to call and find out exactly the days and time that they will be ready. I'm not kidding , I've been standing in line and watched two dozen disappear. It's a very impressive bakery / market. And while you're in the neighborhood ,step across the street to HomeGrown Restaurant. Excellent food and moderate prices !

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                The young lady I talked to said they had people refusing to leave until they got cronuts. They only make two or three dozen when they have them. She said at one time they just decided to quit making them and customers told them they were never coming back. I was in the day before and she promised to hold me a couple , but I was there when the door opened and managed to get a couple more. They only make them on certain days and they are devine ! So , I suggest calling to find out the times they have them.

            1. I just tried their sticky bun and it was awesome.

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                We went this morning and am kicking myself for not trying it for breakfast sooner! Biscuit was great, slightly smaller but just as good (maybe even a little better?) than Homegrown, and the "egg toast" w/ toasted ciabatta, tomato spread, fried egg and homemade mozzarella was really good too. They really bake the most fantastic bread there. AND we each had a cronut :) Delish.

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                  Yowsa! I'm there. As soon as I get back from Charleston. :-)

              2. Been there for lunch and dinner - pizza and salad options are really good and occasionally funky and others have raved about the baked goods. . .

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                    Ha - good way. Unusual combo's for the pizza's, especially their daily special. Things like butternut squash and pancetta or duck and blue cheese. . .

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                        We are totally hooked on their cronuts now! I think we've been every weekend since my last post about their breakfast. Yikes. And have never had an issue with them running out.

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                          do they tend to run out of cinnamon buns early? I have tentative plans to go soon but probably wouldn't get there until later in the day simply because I'm slow to get going. Might make an exception if I need to though? :)

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                            we don't ever get there super-early (9? 9:30? 10?) and they always have plenty of cinnamon rolls...and cronuts!

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                                Esp. since I have to drive in from Flat Rock.

                1. Finally got to Dough yesterday. Since we weren't going to get there until around 11:30, I called ahead and reserved both cinnamon buns and cronuts. I was glad I did because they were out of cronuts by the time we got there.

                  Their cronut was the version rolled in sugar and I loved it. When I first saw it, it looked a bit like puff pastry and I was worried it was going to be dry. But it wasn't. It was crunchy on the edges and nice and moist/a little chew to it on the inside. LOVED it. I've never had one before, so had nothing to compare it to, but this one was a winner for me.

                  Next was the cinnamon bun (they did have a few of these left when we got there). Good sized and very tasty. I didn't swoon, but it was solid. Dough had pretty good flavor and was decently moist inside. I would've preferred the filling to be a bit gooier, but I'm all about the goo and not everyone is. Something about either the filling or glaze tasted a tiny by artificial to me, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Wasn't enough to stop me from getting it again though.

                  It may or may not be the best in town, but I haven't had them all yet. :-) My friend preferred the cinnamon bun to the cronut.

                  Also got some salted caramel cupcakes and chocolate crinkle cookies to go. I haven't had the cookies yet. My husband deemed the cupcakes "good", but said Short Street's salted caramel ones were better.

                  They had a sizable selection of breads and bakery items and was well stocked at 11:30. Their savory things looked good, but I didn't have any. The calzones (?) the people next to us had looked very good - plenty of filling and cheese.