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Jan 9, 2014 02:58 PM

International Recommendations in Itaewon?

The food bloggers in Seoul are all over the place on this topic, just wondering what hounds think is worth eating in Itaewon. We've done Vatos, LaTavola, Pizzaria D'Buzza...looking for something different and/or exotic for those rare nights when we just don't feel like kimchi. Anyone have a recommendation? Thanks!

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  1. La Cigale has some pretty decent fare and good mussels.

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    1. re: Uncle Yabai

      Okay! I had my eye on that one. Looks like they just had a name change to Un Deux Trois. Thanks!

    2. For creative cocktails, try Elbon the Table Itaewon branch. Sit at the bar counter and try to find the mixologist Mr. Park. He is great.

      For tofu desserts, I recommend 'Kyotofu', which is originally from New York (although the original New York shop was closed last year). Anything tofu is available. Tofu ice cream, tofu chocolate, tofu tart, you name it. And they are delicious.

      Japan-import 'Spain Club' is a Spainish restaurant. A bit pricey, but everything is decent.

      Isabelle's Porterhouse specializes in dry aged steak. If you are from the U.S., you will probably be disappointed, but it is one of the closest you can get in Korea if you live there.

      Wolf Hound is an Irish pub and the food used to be decent for the reasonable prices, but not sure if it still is good because I haven't been there for a few years since I have been living abroad. Might stop by for drinks if you would like. 99% of the guests used to be westerners before, but it has now become well known to Korean locals as well.

      1. You can try Braai Republic for good lamb chops and if you want to try a place that isn't too crazy but still nice to drink, try the Wit's End Itaewon. Just a recommendation.

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          Thanks, I had my eye on Braai Republic too and we love lamb. We don't drink though so I was thinking it may be geared more towards the beverage side than the food based on pics and reviews. Still worth going for non-drinkers?