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Jan 9, 2014 02:21 PM

Quebec City Please!

Looking for great restaurants without the $$$$. What are the local gems? New good foodie spots? Wine lists that are smartly priced?

I am also bringing some great bottles from my cellar to enjoy with bistro food.

Where do the cooks and servers eat when they have a day off?

Croissants and coffee?

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  1. Do a search on this board, and you will find lots of information, but my favourite place for croissants and coffee is Paillard, on St. Jean. I'm not sure how many places in Quebec are BYOB, so you may not end up being able to enjoy your great bottles in restaurants there (we have very different laws regarding that in this province, I believe that places cannot charge corkage fees, so they either have a license to provide wine, or a "bring your own wine" license).

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    1. re: cherylmtl

      I second for Paillard.

      As for BYOB, if you have great wines you better drink it at your hotel (there is no good BYOB in town)! Maybe you can grab food at Épicerie Européenne :

      For restaurants, i copy-paste a few recommandations i made in a previous post :

      To discover good nature wines and french cuisine with a local twist, try Le Moine échanson :

      For a bistro experience, Le Clocher penché (great wine list too) :

      You might also take a look at Le Bouchon (Pied bleu), very casual and fun, food is traditional bouchon lyonnais :

      I am not a big fan, but a lot of people like L'Affaire est ketchup and Patente et machin :;

      Good ramen and some izakaya type of plate at Hosaka-Ya Ramen (no reservation) :

      To that list, if you are willing to try a little spot, i would add :

      La Gueule de Bois :

      If you happen to end up in the touristic area and you really need to eat there, there is a relatively new burger place that is quite alright (giving the neighborhoud), Chic Shack :

      There is also two good breweries in town.

      La Barberie (full of locals from 18 to 70, you can bring your food!) :

      La Souche (young crowd, food is bad, you better stick to the beer):

      1. re: vabou

        Vabou, l'Épicerie européenne, but also Moisan (they aren't far from one another) Both have nice prepared foods.

        I remember, decades ago, when L'Épicerie européenne was the only place where I could find decent parmesan when working in QC City....

        No decent byow in Qc, vabou? Confess I've only done that (with colleagues) at decent but fairly ordinary Vietnamese places there. I'd be inclined to try the Portuguese chicken place, which got a good write-up from Le Soleil. That's its name: Poulet portugais.

        1. re: lagatta

          You are right Lagatta, there is also Moisan. But i have to say that in the lasts years it's going down. I use to live two doors from Moisan and go all the time, now i just bring tourists! It worth a visit for the historic flair, but as for quality of food, the best bet in this area is Epicerie Européenne (in my opinion).

          And yes, no decent BYOW in that list (at least for the ones that are in town, i dont go in the suburb)! Its mostly vietnamese restaurants doing all the same cari and "sauté". There is maybe one exception : Sushi Taxi is decent but Quebec City is not the town for a sushi experience. Poulet portugais is alright, but nothing similar as you can find in Montreal for example and its mostly a take out. It look like a cafeteria inside. I wont bring a great wine and spend the night there. That said, the owner of this portugese chicken place is Bulgar and the home-made sausage and salami are quite good (i recommand the paprika one).

          1. re: vabou

            I'd disagree - sushi at the Metropolitain is pretty damn good and compares favorably to larger destinations. Enzo is OK if you like the more modern versions of sushi. For Vietnamese, La Petite Boite Vietnamienne is pretty good and won't serve the typical 'Cambodian/Thai/Vietnamese' slop you find elsewhere. However, the point remains - outside of 'meh' Vietnamese and some of the bad indian restaurants we have (I'd kill for a single decent indian restaurant in QC, although I haven't tried Shahi Tandori and apparently it's good), BYOW options are pretty limited.

    2. Well, most BYOB are asian restaurants over here. The two I like are Delices d'Ariana, on Rene-Lévesques, afgan/indian restaurant and Bati Bassak, cambodian/thai restaurant on St-Joseph street, in lower town (St-Roch)

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      1. re: dominiquep

        I've been to Bati Bassak, and liked it. But of course one would not take a great high-end red there. Yes, Vabou, I saw that the Poulet owner is a Balkan guy, didn't remember from which country, and indeed there isn't a lot of good Balkan-type charcuterie in Qc...

        Too bad about Moisan... Of course there are other good takeaway places in Qc now, but many are down on St-Joseph.

      2. This place, Le Tiers temps, just beneath the steps up to Upper Town, looks interesting, as it is a "cultural restaurant" and also mostly (but not exclusively) vegetarian. Not very common in Qc City!

        Le Tiers Temps - Restaurant culturel, 595, rue Saint-Vallier Est, Québec; Tél. : 418 524-0163

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        1. re: lagatta

          And its a cooperative. The restaurant itself is also in a cooperative of artists centers call Méduse. Most of the contemporary art centers of the town are in Méduse. So you can combine food and art in one visit!

        2. I'm heading to QC (from 514) this afternoon through Saturday, am really quite surprised at the lack of findings, even searching this board. Are there no good yet touristy restos? I'm staying in the old city, and don't want to spend more than $50 for dinner, tops.

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          1. re: andyse7en

            There are quite a few recs on this board if you look more carefully ... but no one on this board lives in quebec city so obviously there are less posts than mtl

            1. re: andyse7en

              You have to remember that its not a big city, so if you do a research on this board, the results you find reflect what is available.

              A rotisserie just open in the old city "Tournebroche" :

              I didnt try it, but i have great expectations as its the same owner and and the same chef of Le Patriarche.

              (kpaxonite: i live in Quebec City!)

            2. A few recommendations I got from friends:

              Le Clocher Penchée
              Le Crack Grill-Cheese (I'm a sucker for cheese)
              Le Cercle
              Le Geule de Bois
              L'affaire est ketchup

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              1. re: andyse7en

                So I tried out:
                Le Geule de Bois (AMAZING)
                Le Cercle (Also very delicious!)
                L'Échaudé (also amazing, but pricy)

                Loved my short visit, but wish the weather had cooperated more... It rained almost the whole time I was there.