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Jan 9, 2014 12:11 PM

Bread pudding layer cake?

The idea of a layer cake with bread pudding taking the place of cake layers has gotten stuck in my head, but I'm not sure what the best approach to take is.

Would a typical 8 or 9 inch round cake pan be deep enough to allow for crispy and more custardy bits? I'm afraid it might all dry out more than I'd like.

For frosting it, I'm torn between trying to adapt a whiskey sauce and make a buttercream or cream cheese frosting out of it, or using ganache. I think the ganache would be less likely to get absorbed and might help maintain structure a bit better.

Is this a doomed proposition? Any thoughts?

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  1. My mother did something like this with a custardy bread pudding, strawberry or raspberry preserves between the "layers" and a meringue on top. She used a deep sided Corning ware bake dish.

    1. Try it! Why not?? I would make sure the cake pans are filled as evenly as possible, then use something like a thin layer of cream cheese frosting between the layers and a thinner one like the whiskey sauce to drizzle over immediatly before serving

      Maybe add an extra egg or two to your usual bread pudding to make sure it's more structurally sound....

      1. I love the idea of a "cake" using bread pudding layers but I don't care for cold bread pudding. I always serve it warm with a contrasting flavored glaze and or fresh whipped cream with or without berries. IMO, ganache does not belong, at least, spread over a large surface of the pudding because it takes away from the simplicity of what this dessert is supposed to be. A drizzle over the top is OK but better would be a light whipped cream stabilized with gelatin and maybe flavored with your liquor. Garnish with fresh berries.

        1. The cake is made and assembled, but not yet tasted. I wound up using one and a half times the Tartine bread pudding recipe in three cake pans, and I used just a single batch of the caramel whiskey sauce (though I upped the amount of whiskey). I forgot to butter the pan, but the layers popped out pretty easily. I kept them in the fridge in plastic wrap for a couple of days, then froze them for a couple hours when I wanted to assemble everything.

          I used a 1:1 ganache. Despite some fissures where the bread pudding puffed and deflated, it stacked sturdily. Because of the somewhat craggy texture, I gave up early on trying to get it to look even. I just dumped ganache on top, and tried to smooth it a little as it ran down the sides. (To be honest, that's my typical cake decorating strategy. I tell myself that it's okay if it looks amateurish because then it's more obviously homemade.)

          I'm looking forward to trying it, and I'll try to post some pictures.