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Jan 9, 2014 12:04 PM

Kosher certified soba/buckwheat noodles

Other than the Eden brand has anyone ever seen these in the Long Island area? The Eden ones were over $8 for a small package in Fairway.

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  1. I have seen other brands in Asian markets. However, I do not remember the name. Soba noodles are expensive even without a hechscher though.

    1. Twin Maquis makes a whole bunch of asian style noodles (including Soba) that are all Star-K certified. They are in the refrigerator or freezer section. Generally very inexpensive ~$2/pkg here in MI.

      there are a whole bunch of stores in NY area that carry them:

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          target in college park in queens has these

        2. re: asher13

          In Brooklyn, the Chinese supermarkets have these in the fridge section. I blv $1.79/pkg

          I have a package of soba and udon noodles that's certified kosher in Australia. Bought them in LA but I've seen them in kosher stores too

        3. I checked with the CRC and was told that Buckwheat noodles do not need kosher certification as long as there are no ingredients added that may not be kosher. Most of these noodles are only buckwheat and water and perhaps salt so those would all be fine.