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Jan 9, 2014 10:54 AM

Symphony 8 Space

Is there a restaurant open in this space now? What do they serve? Any opinions, good or bad? The usual conundrum about where to eat before tonight's concert...

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  1. Not sure what's happening there. At one point someone said they were going to change it up to a destination for symphony hall attendees(yes!!) rather than a students' bar. Never happened.

    There is a new place called Ichiban. It's a yakitori house at 14a Westland that had some fans, though I haven't been:

    I took a client to Ginger Exchange for a business lunch which is an Asian fusion restaurant in the former Betty's space that I thought was surprisingly good.

    The Pho & I on Huntington, Pho Basil on Mass. Ave., and Symphony Sushi on Gainsborough are all good - and always jammed before the Symphony.

    It is saturated with pan-Asian choices. Not sure how the market can sustain it.

    As a regular BSO goer I'm in agreement with you that area desperately needs something new.

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      Last time we went to the BSO we ended up at Bombay Cafe (wanted to try Pho Basil but it was packed!) The restaurant is kind of shabby but the food was quite decent - not the best Indian meal I've ever had, but solidly better than I expected.