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Anyone know where to buy Stumptown coffee beans in Toronto?

chefhound Jan 9, 2014 10:17 AM

I brought some back from NY and I'm running low. Where can you buy Stumptown in Toronto?

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    autopi RE: chefhound Jan 9, 2014 12:10 PM

    i've gotten Stumptown at Lit before, but i think they may have shifted to only carrying their own beans.

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    1. re: autopi
      chefhound RE: autopi Jan 9, 2014 12:58 PM

      Yeah, I read something like that when doing a Google search.

    2. p
      PhilH RE: chefhound Jan 9, 2014 07:44 PM

      Stumptown isn't sold at Lit anymore, they haven't for a long while.

      I was actually very surprised to see that that vegan place in the PATH (Kupfert & Kim) was using Stumptown when I walked past it weeks ago, no idea if they'll sell you bags of beans but you should call them and ask.

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      1. re: PhilH
        chefhound RE: PhilH Jan 10, 2014 08:40 AM

        Thanks. I've e-mailed them and they do sell the beans. They carry different blends each week, so you don't have much to choose from but any Stumptown is better than none.

      2. Flexitarian RE: chefhound Jan 9, 2014 08:45 PM

        Why don't you just call them?

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