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What is the name of that orange?!!

I'm going crazy trying to think of a 'limited- edition' orange that I got last year. I assume it was around this time. It was written about in the news, and I got it at H-Mart and at Wegmans. It wasn't a blood orange or a Honeybell. It MIGHT have been something like a Honeybell but I'm reasonably sure it wasn't. I think it was from one orchard in FL. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. A Clementine? They hit the stores during winter time.

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      Thanks but I forgot to add that it wasn't a clementine or tangerine. It was a pretty good sized orange. At H-Mart it was a box of about 6 for about $10-15. And they were worth it! I'm really doubtful they were Honeybells. I'm fairly sure it was a name I never heard before.

    2. Are you thinking of Honeybells?

      Edit: Sorry, brain short circuit. I meant to type Dancy, but was looking at the word Honeybell, and typed that instead. Other thoughts are Bergamot and Seville. Sudachi lemons also look like oranges and, I think, have a short season.

      This list has a bunch of varieties of oranges. Maybe it will be here:

          1. If they were pink inside, its Cara Cara...saw them for the first time last year, now they are everywhere.

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              Cara-Caras have been a supermarket item for several years.

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                Depends where you are. Even though my state grows a lot of citrus, there are varieties I see back east that I rarely if ever see in California stores (the ugli beloved of crossword puzzle makers, for example): there are very strict regulations on transporting anything in the citrus family to California. I've seen Cara-caras once, in southern California: it seems to be mostly navals up here.

            2. Temple, Valencia, Navel, Hamlin, Parson Brown, Ambersweet?

                1. If you're REALLY misremembering everything but the great flavor, it could be the Sky Valley Heirloom navels that Trader Joe's sells in bags, briefly, in the winter. If memory serves, they are from California. They're not in stock as yet; fingers crossed they'll have them again this year.

                  1. It could also be a Sumo orange, but they don't come in until February, usually. It's also known as a dekopon.

                    Just for reference, here's a photo.

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                      THAT'S IT!!! That's the one, thank you! It does have kind of a honeybell shape but I was pretty sure it wasn't it. Sumo is the one! February, you say. I haven't missed it. Yay! Thank you so much.

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                        These are popular in Japan, and are called "dekopon."
                        Quite delicious!

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                          You're welcome! I'm really looking forward to them - they're amazing!

                          1. Maybe a TEMPLE orange? I AWAIT these every year here in FL and they usually show up in January...they...are...amazing! Tangy and oh so juicy! Edit: oh, I see you found it...SUMO? Never heard of them but will try it if I see it!

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                              Definitely keep a look out for them. Pricey, but sooo worth it!