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Jan 9, 2014 09:07 AM

What is the name of that orange?!!

I'm going crazy trying to think of a 'limited- edition' orange that I got last year. I assume it was around this time. It was written about in the news, and I got it at H-Mart and at Wegmans. It wasn't a blood orange or a Honeybell. It MIGHT have been something like a Honeybell but I'm reasonably sure it wasn't. I think it was from one orchard in FL. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. A Clementine? They hit the stores during winter time.

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      Thanks but I forgot to add that it wasn't a clementine or tangerine. It was a pretty good sized orange. At H-Mart it was a box of about 6 for about $10-15. And they were worth it! I'm really doubtful they were Honeybells. I'm fairly sure it was a name I never heard before.

    2. Are you thinking of Honeybells?

      Edit: Sorry, brain short circuit. I meant to type Dancy, but was looking at the word Honeybell, and typed that instead. Other thoughts are Bergamot and Seville. Sudachi lemons also look like oranges and, I think, have a short season.

      This list has a bunch of varieties of oranges. Maybe it will be here:

          1. If they were pink inside, its Cara Cara...saw them for the first time last year, now they are everywhere.

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              Cara-Caras have been a supermarket item for several years.

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                Depends where you are. Even though my state grows a lot of citrus, there are varieties I see back east that I rarely if ever see in California stores (the ugli beloved of crossword puzzle makers, for example): there are very strict regulations on transporting anything in the citrus family to California. I've seen Cara-caras once, in southern California: it seems to be mostly navals up here.