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Does any place exist where you can smoke a cigar and have a cocktail?

A nice bite of food wouldnt hurt but not critical

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  1. I'll be pleased to hear the results if such a place still exists

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        Raffles - that's weird, that's the same name as the place I go

      2. Hudson Bar & Books, Lexington Bar & Books, and Beekman Bar & Books.


        1. I think 'Patroon' on East 46 off Third might suit you.

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            Does NYC allow smoking in a restaurant at all? I cannot believe so....and besides, Patroon occupies the last of Christ Cella's homes and it is too painful for me to be in there.

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              I did some digging and note that they HAD a cigar bar upstairs. Still there?

              maybe I can overcome my sense of grief and relive the 1960s...

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                I confess it's been a while since I've been inside the place (and I sympathise utterly with your nostalgia for Christ Cella), but I seem to recall that a number of places -including this one- were grandfathered in as accepting indoor smoking through some classic legal contortion that NYC specialises in.

                (Interestingly, to me, is that it's hard to find a bar in Queens where people *aren't* smoking up a storm inside; I cover my pointy-headed righteousness with a hat when I'm in one of those places.)

            2. Certain private clubs, but if I tell you I will have to kill you.

              1. Club Macanudo is open to the public.

                Cigar Inn is also open to the public but only members can drink their own booze.
                The nicest place IMHO is the Grand Havana Room but that is a private club.

                1. The Carnegie Club (not a private club.)
                  156 W 56th St.

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                    Yes, and also pretty good HH deals in case the OP gets the munchies.

                  2. There's Papa Juan's Cigar Bar in West Harlem (Broadway around 141st) that's BYOB. Don't think there's food there, but there are a fair number of decent restaurants in the neighborhood now.


                      1. The Salon de Ning at the Peninsula has a lovely outdoor terrace, where you can have a proper stogie and a drink year round, since they have a good number of space heaters to keep cozy.

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                            As grateful as one is for a safe haven, even needing to go to Brooklyn, the copywriting on that website is dreadful. Enough to scare me away,