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Jan 9, 2014 08:23 AM

Artisanal kosher cheese comes and goes

A few months ago I saw a new brand of kosher cholov Yisrael cheese (Cultured Cow) in Evergreen in Monsey. It was made in South Carolina, supervision of Rabbi Estrin. I read up about it, and contacted the company about where else it is on sale, and they answered they have discontinued working with Rabbi Estrin and they are no longer kosher. Rabbi Estrin has in the meantime learned cheese making and is looking for another location...

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  1. You could of dropped the word Kosher from your header and it would still be accurate.

    The nature of artisinal food is that it is of limited variety and availability. Unless it grows and becomes mainstream there is no long term and widespread supply/distribution.
    I read the linked article, and truly wonder why a cheese so basic as cheddar would be labelled 'artisinal?' There is no shortage of this basic hard cheese in the American Kosher CY marketplace.