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Jan 9, 2014 04:20 AM

Sunday night dinner in Santa Rosa " area"

Any of these three recommended? Spinster Sisters, Wishbone, Hole in the Wall for casual dining in the area? Any other suggestions along the same vein in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol?

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  1. Judging by you handle you are into wine. Try Willi's Wine Bar for small plates and pairings.

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    1. re: ChrisG

      I love Spinster Sisters but Willi's is good too. Both are very convivial.

      Hole in the Wall is as the name suggests super-casual. More of an eat and run than a place to linger over a leisurely meal.

    2. Here are links to discussion of the three places you name for opinions:

      Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa

      Wishbone in Petaluma

      Hole in the Wall in Sebastopol

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks, Melanie. Friends decided to go to Wishbone. We will save Spinsters for another visit. We have been to Willi's and liked not loved it.

        1. re: zinfanatic

          Please do report back. Wishbone is the one on your list that I've not tried yet. My friends say that the pork chop does indeed inspire awe and wonder. And I want to hear about the desserts, please.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            We went with local friends who had not been to Wishbone before, but had been to the couple's other restaurants- you must know them. The food was some of the worst I have had in a long time and all agreed. Perhaps we ordered wrong. Both men had the giant squash ravioli and pronounced it tough and under seasoned and said the squash was underdone with ordinary over sauted mushrooms on top. Although I am not a vegetarian, neither the pork chop(large) or the 1/2 chicken appealed to me.(there are five entrees) I had what was called a Rosemary stack. It consisted of faro, 2 cups of cooked kale, undercooked squash, and way undercooked beets, and brussels sprouts and cauliflower. The faro was good but the rest was an ununified mess with little flavor. The other guest had three apps- the bread, pickled egg and veggies and the meatballs with blue cheese. The meatballs are good and the other apps she ordered were not. My hubby and I split the brussels app which was ok.
            Desserts- only three blueberry and strawberry pie, (not seasonal!)chocolate pudding, and get this- a cinnamon bun with bacon! Being an ex-pastry chef, none of these appealed and no one had dessert.
            On a better note, the service was polite and good. Never to go back for anyone.

            1. re: zinfanatic

              How disappointing, sounds like the kitchen doesn't know its way around a vegetable. I remember the blueballs from the Humble Pie days when the owners cooked in a dive bar.