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Jan 9, 2014 03:59 AM

Paris - High dining for affordable price?

Hello all,
Me and my wife will be in Paris for a week in the beginning of February (this is our first visit to Paris). I have read a lot here, mapped whole bunch of spots, thanks to all contributors. Still haven't found answer for the question - where we should go to get really nice dinner for the price about 150-170 EUR per pers. All the michelin-starred restos seem charged double at least! By saying 'nice' I mean menu, wine pairings, something cooked in several ways etc. Any recommendations?

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  1. Most Michelin 1 and 2 stars are well within your budget, it's only the 3 stars that are outrageously priced.

    1. Les 110 de Taillevent , Goust and Le Lulli are 3 that would probably qualify. I suspect they are all 3 reviewed by the "venerable", John Talbott.

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      1. re: Laidback

        Thank you Laidback - all three have been reviewed by me - but I question why Serge needs to go to a Michelin starred place to experience "high dining.".
        Daniel Rose doesn't have a star, neither does Franck Enee or Chez L'Ami Jean, which some frequent posters here are orgiastic/orgasmic about.
        Serge: I'll bet if you started a thread on "Where to find non-Michelin starred high dining at an affordable price" our crowd could come up many other examples.

        1. re: John Talbott

          Excellently put, especially if the focus is, duh, food.

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            JT - thank you for the most recent post in your blog :) Pics from Franck Enee are very inspiring. I will put this place in schedule too!

        2. I don't know what you expect exactly of "high dining". But I would strongly recommend David Toutain, recently talked about on this board.

          I would say that the only thing not "high dining" about the place is the fact that not all men wear jackets, and that the service, although very precise, is a bit more relaxed.

          If you want the whole show of high dining, maybe "Le Cinq" could fit your bill, also often discussed on the board.

          1. Thank you, Laidback, PhilD, JT, Rio. Yes, of course, the first thing is food, not jackets and stars. I think we'll go to David Toutain.

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              1. Ze Kitchen Galerie (1* Michelin).. Really love the interesting food (mixture of Asian ingredients with French preparation). Have been there twice last year and can't wait to go back again this month. Their Lunch is even more affordable at Eur 35. But I believe their dinner menu degustation is around Eur 75.

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                1. re: indofood

                  Although I liked Ze Kitchen Galerie, and have no complaint about the food... The atmosphere of the place is lively (noisy), the colors of the deco is more in-your-face than "cosy", and the overall experience is not really "high dining"...

                  It's still a place I would send people to, but maybe not someone who is looking for a fine dining experience.

                  1. re: indofood

                    I fully endorse Ze, but that's well known, Ledeuil and Rose are among the most innovative and constantly-moving-their-menu-chefs in town. And both have multi-cultural staffs.