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Jan 9, 2014 12:50 AM

Seville Oranges

With my marmalade recipe in hand I am wondering if anyone has seen them sold locally in years past?

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  1. Here's a conversation from last year that might help.

    I'm sure we'll all do a bit of spotting for you. I'm heading to Market Basket tomorrow and will look there.


    1. Arax and Russo's should both have them.

      1. Russo's always has Seville oranges this time of year. They're usually kept separate from the other citrus (I assume so people won't unthinkingly buy them when reaching for the tangerines or whatever), on the aisle that has things like avocados and nopales.

          1. Thanks Allstonian, I put my follow up on the wrong conversation!

            To Save a click, they were in stock at Market Basket Somerville today. They are near the ice cream freezers on the last produce display rather than with the rest of the citrus. A produce worker said they always have them.