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Jan 8, 2014 11:13 PM

It was recommended that I tried Muenster Cheese last Month because...

I told a friend that Cheddar Cheese was amongst my favorite Cheeses so far (which is a somewhat Hard, salty Cheese), yet Muenster Cheese as far as I've heard/studied was somewhat of a Soft Cheese with a slight odor to it. I think I'd also prefer the outside "skin", but how (if at all) would you say that the "skin" makes Muenster Cheese better or worse?

Do any of you guys think that there's a similarity or quality that would make me wanna try Muenster Cheese simply because I enjoy(ed) the salty, Hard Cheddar Cheese like my friend(s) suggested. Keep in mind that I don't have as much experience tasting Soft Cheeses as I do Cheeses like Cheddar. Thanks for any help &/or suggestions of other Cheeses.

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  1. Does anyone have any comments on Muenster Cheese here? Despite not being THE most popular Cheese, I have heard that Muenster Cheese IS still quite popular, so I'd like to hear what you might say about it. I'm kind of wondering why nobody's commented on this yet.

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      The most commonly available muenster is practically flavorless. Between tasteless brie and muenster, we need to move you up to real cheese so you can make up your mind whether you will be a cheese mouse or not.

    2. Are you referring to the Muenster Cheese found in American grocery stores ad nauseum (bland, yellowish white stuff my wife insists on buying because it melts well) or the French Munster (a quite different smear-ripened product) ?

      1. The real Munster cheese is a pungent cheese. I have tried it several times and don't really like it but there are few washed rind cheeses that I do enjoy. I agree with others that Muenster, the American cheese, is usually quite bland and flavorless. The only brand I have found worth buying is Applegate Muenster cheese which is similar in flavor to Havarti or Tilsiter.

        I don't think that just because you liked an aged cheddar you will necessarily like French Munster. If your friend was referring to American Muenster than I think it's just more likely as it's a mild cheese that most wouldn't find offensive.

        1. Yeah, real French Muenster is kind of an acquired taste, for those who like their cheeses smelly. Though you didn't ask, I'd try an aged Gouda if you like Cheddar and want to branch out.

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