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Jan 8, 2014 08:28 PM

Twist or sage?

Going to Vegas for 2 nites. Made a reservation at le cirque based on everyone's suggestion. For the other dinner I am thinking of either twist or sage. Which one should I go with?

Is it a mistake to skip buffets at Vegas? I am never a buffet fan though.

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    1. Twist is superior in almost all ways. Higher risk/higher reward, but amazing.

      1. Le Cirque will be your overall best experience!

        1. No one answered your buffet question, and if you are not a fan there is certainly no reason to go to one.

          I can eat for free at almost any of the hotel buffets and rarely go unless it's for a quick breakfast or lunch.

          1. Decided to go to sage because the menu sounds more tempting. My convulsion of that restaurant is the same as everyone else. Meh.

            Everything is executed well but the chef just doesn't have a complex palate. Everything tastes monotone.

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            1. re: Misery1001

              ...told ya. Nothing monotone at Twist.

              1. re: uhockey

                Now there is something I can look forward to next time I m in Vegas!

                1. re: uhockey

                  I know that you have a superb palate, but nevertheless uhockey, not every CH desires nor enjoys complex, innovative, higher risk and/or molecular cuisine. Some of us really prefer perfectly executed classics served at dependably wonderful restaurants where we know what we are getting each and every time. In your excellent reviews you should consider this and perhaps be a bit less critical of tradition.

                  1. re: josephnl

                    Having dined at many 'traditional' and 'perfectly executed classic' spots I don't think I've ever criticized such food at all - I simply made the point that Sage is not a 'wowing' restaurant on the grand scale. It is good food, well prepared - it can be found in almost any major city and although slightly novel in the Vegas marketplace where razzle-dazzle rules, it isn't a 'destination' restaurant.