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Jan 8, 2014 08:26 PM

Neighborhood Weather Watch- North : Are there places you avoid or are drawn to based on their climate control?

Is this a significant issue for others besides me and hubby? We find ourselves wanting to go for a casual, cheap bite out and finding our choices dwindled by places that we know are freezing in winter or hot in summer.. So hoping to find places that people know are warm and cozy. I can't even imagine going for fancy pricey meal and paying to freeze my tootsies off.. Bonus points for bathrooms that don't transport your butt to Antarctica...

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  1. I wish I could be helpful. I had a really good meal - a shockingly good meal - at the Stonehearth Pizza in Brighton but it's a space heated from above with concrete floors and big garage doors that open in the summer. The floor was freezing and I think my toes lost feeling as my head baked. I just can't do that until it's warmer outside.

    1. it's had its effect on us too. we don't go to Mandy and Joe's for breakfast because we don't want to eat with our coats on. Family has a great morning sun window so we end up going there for breakfast on the colder days. Our favorite local, Washington Square Tavern, is, fortunately, always pretty cozy.

      1. Not on the short list of great dining establishments, but I had breakfast at Twin Donut the other day and they had no heat. I was freezing the entire time. I have never eaten so fast. Sad thing was I overheard them saying it wasn't the first time.

        There are bunches of places I won't go in the winter because they are too drafty.