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Suggestions for cold cereal makeover ?

I'm looking for ingedients to add to my cold cereal. I just purchased a box of Kashi. I'm out the door pretty quick in the morning off to work.I have oatmeal sometimes with a banana.Kinda bored with it. I never eat cold cereal.Any suggestions for cold cereals you may like,or to add flax seed, nuts, almond milk? Looking for a cereal makeover to be healthy and filling. Thanks.

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  1. I add Almond milk and either raisins or bananas.

    If it's Kashi Go Lean Crunch, you may want to add some Bean-o. :D

    1. I like fresh blueberries in season (sorry not helpful now). Usually with Cheerios cause my toddler gets upset when I eat different than she does. Which means she eats brussels sprouts with me too.

      Otherwise, dried fruit works well, especially smaller pieces like dried cranberries, raisins, blueberries, chopped dried cherries.

      1. I add other cereal to create my own "Frankenreal".

        I really like the combo of GoLean Crunch, Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, and Honey Bunches of Oats.

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          Good point. My daughter's favorite is cinnamon life and cheerios.

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            You've reared her well. Very well.

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              Thanks! She's so funny about what she likes. She wants "FRUIT" after her meals, but bananas and apples aren't "FRUIT" apparently. We go to Costco and we have to go into the cooler room and get Brussels sprouts. Which aside from radishes, are her favorite vegetable.

              I totally don't understand kids

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                May I ask what your daughter does consider to be fruit?

                And, Brussels sprouts and radishes? I think of myself as having a pretty green tongue, but even I sort of recoil at the thought of just gorging on Brussels sprouts and radishes. Wow, kudos to her.


        2. You can heat your bowl of cold cereal and milk, stir it up, and add some nuts, seeds, and/or dried fruit.

          1. Instead of milk, use it as a mix in for plain or vanilla Greek yogurt. Put the yogurt in the bowl, then add the cereal. Mix and enjoy. My hubby does this with granola cereal.

            We enjoy Cascadian Farms.

            +1 on the blueberries. We have blueberry bushes in our yard but frozen work just fine in the off-season.

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              For whatever reason, I got into a thing of cereal and Yoplait "Whips" Lime yogurt. Had to be lime (and had to be "Whip" variety- I liked the texture). but that was just me. It really hit the spot with Kashi cereal for a while. I still do that mix once in a while.

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                That's what I do - plain Greek yogurt and Kashi Go Lean (not Crunch) with whatever fruit I have around. Super quick and filling. I generally don't like sweet things for breakfast so this combo works for me.

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                  me, too -- but mine's homemade granola, as commercial granolas are too sweet for me.

                  I find the combo of yogurt and granola also has a lot more staying power -- I'm not ready to take bites out of my desk by 11 am.

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                    I am a great fan of Greek yogurt, too, in its own right. I have not stirred it into my Kashi Go Lean, but may just have to try it!

                2. I make overnight oats often. The night before mix together 1/3cup old fashioned oats with 1/3cup plain greek yogurt and a splash of almond milk, i often add chia seeds and cinnamon. The next morning i top with fresh fruit (chopped apple, berries, defrosted frozen berries with their liquid) and often a handful of cereal for some crunch.

                  You can make the overnight oats with almond milk instead of the yogurt, just be sure to add the chia seeds to help thicken it overnight. There are many ways to change up the flavors with different fruit, or add chopped nuts, or a little maple syrup to sweeten, etc
                  For me this makes a very filling breakfast and takes about two minutes prep the night before and about five minutes to chop and add what i like in the morning.

                  1. Mix your cold cereals. I mix Product 19, Weetabix, Grape Nuts and Cheerios in different ways.

                    Also, use whole milk. Yes, it has more fat, but the fat will help slow the digestion of the processed carbohydrates (low fat is not necessarily healthier when it comes to a carb-loaded meal....).

                    My favorite dried fruit is dried tart cherries. Much more luscious than dried cranberries. But I don't like too much sweet in my cereal.

                    1. I like all of your ideas. Thanks.