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Feb 9, 2006 04:40 PM

need lots of hill country recommendations

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Am heading to the Hill Country for five days and need good places to eat in and around Llano, Brady, Junction, Mason, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg, Stonewall, Kerrville, Comfort, Boerne, Blanco and Wimberley.

Went to August Es in F'burg last year and thought it showed promise. The past few visits to Hilltop were disappointing. Sure would appreciate any good ideas!

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    Steve in Austin


    Cooper's BBQ is the ALL you need to know about grub in this town. Some of the best BBQ in Texas. Mesquite smoked goat, pork chops and chicken are best bets. They also serve sirloin steak, brisket, beef and pork ribs, pork loin and sausage. All meats come with free beans, onions, and jalapenos. There will be a line around Noon, but it moves fast.

    This is one of the "Top Ten Things That Every Texan Needs To Do At Least Once."

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    1. re: Steve in Austin

      I've loved Cooper's for 20 years. Somebody said the Cooper's in Mason is better than in Llano.

      Just wondered if there was anything else to eat in Llano.

      1. re: Halley P
        Steve in Austin

        There's a Dairy Queen and two or three below average BBQ places. That's why there are long lines at Cooper's. I'll have to try the one in Mason, IF I ever have a reason to drive out that way.

        1. re: Steve in Austin

          I've been to Cooper's in Mason once (Llano many times). On that day, at least, the Mason one was not very impressive.


          1. re: Steve in Austin

            Mason's one of the prettiest towns in the Hill Country, imo. Quiet, yeah, but really charming. A few cool places to stay for some R&R. Nice coffee shop/bookstore/giftshop on the square. They really need a cool little wine bar like in F-burg, but I don't have the 100K I'd probably need to get it up and running. From there it's an easy cruise west to the South Llano River...

          2. re: Halley P

            Been to both the Coopers in Mason and Llano...I'd go back to Llano but never to Mason.

            1. re: Halley P

              Dunno about Llano, but it IS all there is to eat in Mason, unless Mrs. Santos is still slapping the tortillas on her thighs at her little cafe, that is.
              Thank God, I was delivered of Mason in late 1999. And haven't been back even to sign real estate papers.

          3. Llano-Cooper's BBQ
            Marble Falls-Cafe 909
            Fredburg-The Auslander
            Beorne-Dodging Duck
            Blanco-Hard Scrabble

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            1. re: Frank M

              Tell me more about Dodging Duck in Boerne - what is it, what do they serve?

              Heard Hard Scrabble closed in Blanco.

              1. re: Halley P

                The Dodging Duck is a small brewpub with an eclectic menu:
                Great beer, local wine selection, and great food.
                Too Bad about Hard Scrabble-best fried chicken around.


              2. re: Frank M

                Also in Blanco just northeast of the original county courthouse is the Blanco Bowling Club. They have good food, and some of it is absolutely excellent - onion rings, meatloaf, and the Friday all you can eat fish special is terrific. Very friendly folks as well.

              3. Are you going through Johnson City? I had the most awesome parmesan crusted meatloaf sandwich at Silver K Cafe inside the old Lumberyard Building in downtown Johnson City when I drove through as part of a hill country roadtrip this past summer.

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                1. re: Donna

                  Good to know. Thanks so much.

                2. Just a couple of miles outside Wimberley is the Blair House Inn. They serve dinners on Saturday evenings as well as winery dinners on certain Saturdays--EXCELLENT food, far beyond the usual BBQ and chicken fried steak (not to say that they don't have their place as well, but for the sake of variety, check out a sample menu--it's also a lovely place to stay)!


                  1. You've probably already tried the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls (on 181 about 35 miles northwest of Austin)? I have relatives who for years have stopped there on the drive down from Dallas. It's down-home Texas comfort food: CFS, biscuits and gravy, and homemade pies. It gets a lot of tourists these days as well as locals.

                    More or less on the road from Blanco to Lost Maples State Park is the Lost Maples Cafe, actually located on Main Street in Utopia, Texas. This place serves great food in a very low-key, friendly environment. Their CFS is the best I've had in the state. It doesn't taste pre-fabricated, like some do. Instead it's like a much better version of what I'd make at home--the meat is really fresh and hand-breaded; the cream gravy is divine. I just wish it came with mashed potatoes instead of french fries (or baked potato, if you're there during dinner hours). Their hamburgers are also really good. And they've got excellent homemade pies. I especially like the coconut cream, the lemon meringue, and the buttermilk.

                    Continuing with the pie theme, you could check out the Wimberley Pie Company at 13619 Ranch Road 12.