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Jan 8, 2014 06:07 PM

Vegetarians in Vegas

My husband and I are going to Las Vegas in a month and wanted to plan ahead and make restaurant reservations. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants with great food that have vegetarian options. I did see some threads regarding this, but they were old, so hopefully someone has tried some good places recently. Thank you!

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  1. Will you have a car? What types of cuisine? Price point? Eggs and/or dairy off limits?

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      No car. But, we're open to any type of cuisine. Budget wise a mix would be good. Some nice dinners balanced out by lighter meals or the other way around. Eggs and dairy are okay too. We'll be there for 5 days. Thanks!

    2. Whoops! With a title like that, I thought this post was about a concert...

      1. Bar+Bistro in the Arts Factory