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mini sandwiches for SuperBowl

please share your favorite recipes...
I am thinking of oven fried breast meat with some slaw and dressing
and fish slider with miso and different slaw
and would like to add a sliced steak one.
What are your thoughts?
probably for 14-16 people.

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  1. Mini Bánh mì? Not steak but....
    Mini Cheese Steaks

    1. I will be doing a crockpot of italian beef which is always a hit, and the plus of being easy access for people. Plus i am addicted to the giardiniera

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        Italian beef is such a great sandwich. What cut of beef are you using?

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          I will be doing a chuck roast. My east coast husband initially balked at shredded meat, but now loves it. it is perfect for the buffet style i need, but perhaps not traditional

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            Chuck is such a beautiful braising cut.

      2. I like sliced filet mignon- make ahead, serve room temp with sauce of your choice- horseradish & sour cream is classic.

        Pulled pork with a slaw. You could go bbq with cole slaw, or Italian with rosemary and garlic and a broccoli slaw.

        I'm wondering how well the fish and fried white meat will translate for a crowd eating over a period of time.
        For chicken, I'd go with dark meat vs. white.

        1. I love pork belly sliders - you can go any number of directions with sauces/condiments, as long as the belly is tender and crispy. I love the idea of Italian beef with giardiniera, too.

          1. *Steak, cheddar, tomato, and chipotle sauce

            *Steak, blue cheese, caramelized shallots, garlic aioli on mini pretzel buns

            *Smoked brisket and BBQ sauce

            *Sliced steak, chimichurri, thinly sliced red onion, and provolone on long baguettes, then cut into "slider" size

            1. Smoked meat. Leave the brisket on a carving board with the rye and mustard, and let people help themselves.

              1. Buffalo sliders! Large chicken nuggets (white meat) completely coated in buffalo sauce, served on dinner rolls with crumbled blue cheese and sour (or hot) pepper rings. Put a bunch in a baking dish and warm in oven, or panini them.

                1. Stores everywhere are trying to get rid of the rest of the Christmas hams--pick one up and bake it. Put chunks of the meat through the food processor not to puree but just to chop coarsely. Remove ham and chop up a lot of sweet pickles. Bind the ham and pickles with plenty of mayonnaise and a little mustard. Nothing fancy but this very pedestrian "ground ham" is a huge favorite on little cocktail size rye or any rye and is even better piled on crackers. And one does think of beer.

                  1. Meatball sliders! Meatball, fresh motz, and marinara

                    Same marinara and motz with grilled eggplant for any vegetarians (trader joes sells them frozen)

                    With the sliced steak sauteed mushrooms or carmelized onions would be great.

                    For the fish with miso a slaw with sesame oil and cilantro would be great together

                    1. Women don't eat at my gatherings. I'd be tempted to make the Ham and cheese sliders on the Hawaiian rolls. Guys devour them.

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                        You must be hanging with the wrong women then. My gal pals and I can put it away at parties, and no, none of us are overweight.

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                          I've made that "recipe" but with actual grilled burgers/cheddar/faux-"special sauce" (so basically just keep the rolls and the glaze) and dudes go crazy for them.

                        2. Last time the Saints played I made mini muffalettas

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                            I was just going to suggest that! Great idea.

                          2. I love hot ham and cheese sliders.

                            Make a sauce out of equal parts softened butter and mustard (not the cheap yellow stuff...I usually use dijon or stoneground. Just something good quality, whatever you like.) You'll probably need a couple teaspoons to a tablespoon of each for each sandwich, depending on how big your rolls are and how much sauce you like. You can also add some poppyseeds to the sauce to give the sandwiches a little crunch.

                            Use mini king hawaiian rolls or kaiser rolls. Split in half, slather each half with the sauce. Pile on one or two pieces of deli ham and a piece of cheese (I like swiss or colby jack, but use whatever you like.) Close the sandwich up and wrap tightly with foil.

                            When getting ready to serve, pop them in a warm oven for 10-15 minutes. The oven doesn't even necessarily need to be on; if you've just pulled something else out of the oven and are turning it off, throw the sandwiches in while the oven is cooling. They can also be piled in a big crockpot (still wrapped in foil) to be kept warm, or re-heated in an oven/toaster oven if they cool down. Can also be made several days ahead and kept wrapped in the fridge till ready to heat through.

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                              That's exactly the sandwich I was going to post! A friend gave me the recipe about 30 years ago. We always made them on little potato rolls. This was back when the only thing called a slider was a White Castle, and that wasn't necessarily a flattering term.
                              We called them "Little Ham Sandwiches".

                            2. I think you could easily adapt this Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Blue Cheese Slaw into mini sandwiches. The recipe calls for frying the chicken, but I used grilled chicken breasts, then shredded. Very tasty.


                              1. I absolute adore Gougères with Arugula, Bacon, and Pickled Onions from "The Zuni Café Cookbook," and so does anyone who's ever had them.


                                1. Mini reubens! You could even do two kinds. One with the traditional corned beef, and one with turkey.

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                                  1. Don't forget some cold sandwiches to minimize your prepwork. My vote would be for pimento cheese sandwiches with bacon and pickled onions. Mufalettas on sesame seed rolls. Or spinach dip and kettle chip on mini Hawaiian rolls. Slipping a thick, crunchy chip into a soft sandwich is always a good thing.

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                                      I was thinking some kind of cold seafood/fish sandwich. You could certainly have a large poached/baked filet of salmon that people could use to assemble sandwiches. Or even some kind of smoked salmon/cream cheese/tomato option.

                                      Another great cold one is a deli sloppy joe - deli meats with dressing and cole slaw. That's a good one.

                                      1. I like all of these suggestions. They're making me hungry, craving a steak sandwich now, gonna have to run to the grocery store!

                                        I like thinly sliced filet mignon for sandwiches; it stays very tender and makes eating easier. Although that may not be cost feasible for a larger party.

                                        Just wanted to add one of my favorites: sliced filet with roasted red bell pepper slices, a schmear of soft cheese (ricotta? fresh mozzarella? goat?) and some arugula. Yum.

                                        I also had a great one last year: rub toasted French rolls with olive oil and a garlic clove, then top with sliced filet, chimichurri, and whatever else (I've done it with veg, greens, cheese, etc.). But they're great alone.

                                        Mom always served us leftovers of sliced filet on Hawaiian rolls with BBQ sauce. Love those too.

                                        1. I'm thinking meatloaf, maybe turkey meatloaf; sliced on platter w/bread and condiments on side. I'd serve it cold or room temp.

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                                              Yes, I did meatloaf sliders on small potato rolls for a potluck last year, with a variety of toppings people could add including ketchup, mayo, mustard, homemade pickled red onions and dill pickle chips. People devoured them. And the beauty was there was almost no prep the day of, I made the meatloaf and pickled onions the day before.

                                          1. Are you planning to make up the sandwiches ahead of time or serve it more like a "slider" bar? I would opt for buffet style or "slider" bar.

                                            Oven friend chicken breast might not be the best option. (breading gets soggy it sits out.) This crock-pot Buffalo chicken slider recipe does work just make sure you start with frozen chicken breasts or use thighs instead.

                                            While fish slider with miso and a different slaw sounds good, I'm not sure how to make ahead and hold fish until people are ready to eat. Maybe a tuna or crab or shrimp salad, that people can use to make mini sandwiches with?

                                            As others have mentioned, meatballs (either mini or make standard size and cut in half) in a red sauce with some parm or mozzarella cheese for topping.

                                            Another alternative to meatballs would be sliced sausages (you could use turkey or chicken sausages) seared with peppers and onions and maybe some tomato based sauce. Grated cheese.

                                            Sliced grilled or pan seared kielbasa (or bratwurst, etc.) and sauerkraut. (again, could use turkey kielbasa.) Serve some dill pickle slices on the side and whole grain mustard.

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                                              "While fish slider with miso and a different slaw sounds good, . . ."

                                              Yeah, unless you're gonna sit in the kitchen and fry little cuts of filets, there's no way to manifest such a notion into a Lombardi Trophy Winner - not even a Halas Trophy winner.

                                            2. Easy and good cold or hot.... Roasted Pork Tenderloin sliced thinly, nestled into the small SIster Shubert parkerhouse roll with a smear of Major Gray Chutney... OMG good.

                                              1. I think the Martin's brand of potato bread/rolls has widespread availability in American supermarkets. Their sandwich rolls are pretty small - close in size to a McDonald's basic burger bun. So about right for a generous slider/small sandwich. But delicious, and though soft and tender, they don't fall apart.

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                                                  Just an FYI greygarious, Many bakery brands, like Martin's are still pretty regional. I used to buy them occasionally in NJ, but they are not available where I currently live in NC.

                                                  On the topic of bread, rolls or buns. I would plan at least 3 mini sliders per person, so that would mean a minimum of 48 small buns or rolls. If the party food is all about mini sandwiches or "sliders", I'd make sure I had at least 60 buns or rolls.

                                                  You can make it all one type of bun or roll, like the slightly sweet Hawaiian rolls others have recommended. Or serve a selection, for example, the Hawaiian buns/rolls, some "Parkerhouse" or other dinner rolls, and a more crusty "Italian" style roll.

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                                                    I moved recently to Western Mass and love Martin's rolls too so I googled them and they have a directory of where to buy their products based on your zip code so you might look again. I found several sources near me.

                                                    1. re: Berheenia

                                                      Thanks! I checked, I'd have to drive about 100 miles to find Martin's rolls. I just make my own.

                                                  1. This my goto superbowl food. Jerk Chicken Sliders. I add some extra onion, red & yellow peppers to mine. I recommend 2 Habeneros. You won't be sorry if you make this.