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Jan 8, 2014 01:53 PM

Why is 'Western' smorgasbords/buffets a disappearing genre in Metro Vancouver ?

*Not* talking about AYCEs for sushi, Chinese, Indian and/or other cuisines. Just your standard N. American-style cuisine buffet.

And *not* counting the special holidays (Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, New Year, etc) buffets that many hotels offer.

Right now I can really only think of a small handful that are present year-round, such as River Rock Casino, Grand Villa Resort, Uncle Willy's (last surviving one in Metrotown).

I accidentally came across the site for Tucker's ( where there are three in Ontario, which got me to suspect it's part of the Mother Tucker's chain that we had out here in the '70s - early '90s. I believe the last one was at the corner of Lougheed & North Road (I believe where Wings Tap & Grill is now).

The various Boathouses used to provide weekend buffets year-round. So did that place that preceded Whet on Granville Island 2 or 3 iterations ago. Then there was The Copper Kettle on Kingsway.

So ...... I guess I'm just wondering why Metro Vancouver is no longer a popular area for Western AYCE's. Our bent on health and fitness ?

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  1. Limited demand for large amounts of mediocre food?

      1. re: Georgia Strait

        Alright, ya got me there. *But* you'd have to want to go to the Island (and back) in the process.

      2. speaking of buffets - i will be interested in what the revamped Griffins will be ( aka hotel Vancouver


        i mean, the Griffins set-up was designed for buffeting - breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner

          1. There's a place called knight & day down boundary rd. I'd say the food is average.