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Jan 8, 2014 12:15 PM

Goose Fat

I am looking for Goose Fat but can not find it anywhere other then one the new. I have found chicken and duck fat. Does anyone know where I might find it. Come on Foodies, I know you will have the answer.

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  1. Just to explain its scarcity - it used to be pretty common in specialty stores, but then the USDA banned the import of canned/jarred goose fat a number of years ago. (Apparently they have a problem with traditional production methods.) Domestic sources exist, but they're few and far between. Your best bets are probably a German or Central European butcher, if you can find one, or maybe a poultry farmer at a local farmers' market.

    If you're desperate, someone posted their mailorder source in this thread ( ), but it was quite expensive with shipping.

    1. I'd ask Sonny D'Angelo in the Italian Market, or griggstown farm.

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        I checked griggstown's website. I think they have to order goose. They do not raise them. I have seen a butchered goose up there around the holidays.

        There is some that is available mail order through amazon.

      2. How much do you need ?
        l have some pounds in my freezer, l could get you a bit

        1. I sent an email to DiBruno's customer service on their website. I got a very nice reply that they didn't know if DiBruno's carried goose fat and suggested that I call DiBruno's.

          1. It is a little late, but you might check with the big box stores and see if they have any specials on left over frozen Christmas goose. While $3.99 to $5.99 a pound before Christmas, I have seen it as low as .99 cents after 3 kings day. Do not use any rubs and be very scant on brining or seasoning before you roast them on a rack.

            Store in glass canning jars only.