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Jan 8, 2014 11:18 AM

Breadmaking websites

I've been baking bread for some 40 years but the technology of bread has changed so much that it's like staring all over again. And, in some ways, given that I'm a know-it-all stubborn mule, it's even harder.

Can you give me your favorite websites for sourdough and artisan breads to bring me up to date and break me of the rise-punch down-shape mentality?

Thanks so much. It pretty exciting to start over fresh but I also need the training wheels.

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  1. I'm no bread-baking expert, but has helped me out a few times, and seems to be more or less the bread version of Chow.

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        Holy molly. That'll keep me busy! Thank so much.

        I had some of them and *should* have had many of them ages ago but I'll benefit from having all of them I'm sure.

        1. Most of the sites like freshloaf, Peter Reinhart, etc. are more traditional bread baking like you do. Are you looking for newer equipment, eg kneading w/ food processor, bread machine, stand mixer? If so,I'd highly recommend anything based on RL Berembaum's Bread Bible. I like the book but only checked it out of the library. It's still rise/punch down/shape. For something other than that Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes has a good site--mix and leave dough in refrigerator,

          I know you were looking for sites but another book for no knead is My Bread by Jim Lahey.

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            Another no knead technique is Stretch and Fold. It uses a kneadable dough, but it is stretched and folded and allowed to rest instead of conventional kneading.

            Stretch And Fold A Gentle Way To Develop Dough

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              I'm just discovering stretch & fold. It's made a tremendous difference in the crumb. Now I'm working on a strong enough skin to get a high profile and learning what I don't know that I need to come up to speed on.

            2. re: chowser

              "Are you looking for newer equipment, eg kneading w/ food processor, bread machine, stand mixer? "


              I'm looking for new techniques, problem solving and feedback. Generally, to update my skills and work on getting a good sourdough boule.