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Jan 8, 2014 11:16 AM

solo dining pre concert Sunday night

I'll be in town in a few weeks on a Sunday night for an 8:30 concert at Carnegie Hall.
I would love a great dinner before, and I'm by myself. So, eating at the bar is probably in order.
Walking distance would be great but I'll hop in a cab too.
Would love to try Perla, Spotted Pig, Ma name a few.

Not really concerned about price.

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  1. Le Bernardin
    The Modern
    Ma Peche

    Perla and Spotted Pig are probably too far downtown for a pre-concert dinner.

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    1. re: peter j

      le bernardin, betony, and the modern dining room are closed on sunday. but the bar room will be open.

      1. re: peter j

        I think I'm going with Ma Peche.
        Anything not to miss on the menu?
        I know it gets updated frequently, but what do they always have that is awesome?

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            +1 for the Brussels sprouts. If you like a cold foie gras prep, Ma Peche has a delicious version. (Really everything is excellent). My favorite desserts are the chocolate Thai basil, and the peanut butter. Love the fried chicken too, but the whole chicken is too much for one person. My sister loved the cod--need to return to try it.

      2. In order to stay in the area around CH I like some of peter j's reccos with Betony and Le B being the top of the list. Quality Italian is nearby also. If you want something I little more downscale you could check out Kingside, it's gotten some negative reports because "critics" have said it's for tourists but I couldn't care less what they say, I liked the place when I ate at the bar.

        1. Bar at Betony
          Bar at Benoit
          Bar at Seasonal

          You'll be great.

          ETA -- Except Betony isn't open Sundays. So Seasonal or Benoit.

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          1. re: Sneakeater

            Benoit is ideal for solo dining in a nice setting. a bonus is that their "bar" also includes a smattering of two tops that they're happy to cede to solo diners at off hours.

          2. Le Bernardin and Betony are great for solo dining at the bar, and very much in the area.

            1. The bar at Rotisserie Georgette.