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Jan 8, 2014 10:33 AM

Culinary Ethics 101

My wife is away at a conference so I am eating in the opposite manor in which we normally dine. Monday night I went to our local pizza shop for hot wings. I had called the order in and the gentleman on the phone said my large order of wings would be $12.95 (not including tax) . When I arrived to pick up my order, the young lady who retrieved my order from the kitchen rang me up and gave me a total of $7.00 even (BTW, a small order of wings is $7.95 +tax). I was surprised by the lower price but thought it may have been happy hour or something so I left a $2.00 tip and it wasn't until I was driving home that I began to ruminate over the discrepancy. Should I have said something at the cash register? Would you have? My life will be so much simpler when my wife gets home tonight....

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  1. I would have said something right away, but to be totally honest, if I was on the road and it happened at a place where I knew I would never return.......

    1. Take the money (or wings) and run!!! Don't look back!

      In all honestly I probably would have questioned it when I picked up the order to make sure I wasn't getting an order of chicken fingers or something similar instead of my intended order. (or perhaps if she gave me someone else's order)

      If it wasn't discovered until I left or when I got home, then no......I wouldn't say a thing. That's the same though when I do take out and I don't check the order before I leave and I get home and there is something missing. I chalk it all up to in the end it will all even out.

      As my father would say "some day's you get the bear, and some day's the bear get's you".

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        I usually use, "Some days you get to be the baby. Other days you have to be the diaper."

        Tough call but I think I would've questioned it. Mostly because I would've thought for sure it wasn't my order or that my order had been screwed up.


      2. <Should I have said something at the cash register? Would you have?>

        Yes, so that the cashier could verify that the lower total was in fact correct. Profiting from someone else's innocent mistake isn't my idea of a good time. Maybe because like jrvedivici, I also believe that "it will all even out."

        1. We have all had the same experience.
          There are variables in the mix tho.
          Would saying something have endangered the cashiers job?
          Was the merchant a small business or a mega store?
          I have gotten "deals" at mega-stores and not blinked an eye,while on the other hand I have gone back to mom and pop stores to make it right.

          However, stealing is stealing....

          1. I would probably have said something like "is this on special or something?" because, in some places, the cashier has to make up the mistakes from their own pocket. I would not, however, driven back if I didn't think about it til I was on the way home.