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Jan 8, 2014 10:02 AM

Louie Mueller Barbecue in Houston - St Arnold's Party

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  1. Twenty six bucks a head for unlimited BBQ tasting and 2 beers, 11am-2pm. Sounds like a good deal as long as the BBQ holds out. I have to wonder if the hipsters will demand the railroads have the trains stop blowing their horns for 3 hours, it's gonna be loud. This is the busiest rail junction in the city. A warning, do not go north of the tracks unless you know the area. You may never be heard from again. They also sell whole briskets and ribs in advance, 90 dollars for a brisket and 60 for ribs.

    1. Well this is encouraging, if not downright exhilarating news!

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        I think it would be a goldmine, but also maybe a stand in line place a la Franklins. An alternative will be a two hour roadie round trip to Killeens in Pearland. Ah, choices. Let's hope we have them.

        1. re: Lambowner

          Thanks for that link. Yes, I'd agree on "exhilarating." But don't want to get my hopes up too high, you know?

          Speaking of that link - did you read the comments? Obviously some folks have never heard of the Muellers. One person said something like "Another barbecue restaurant in Houston? Who cares?" And someone else called Mueller an "upstart."

          Maybe that's good news because perhaps they won't be clogging up the line for the rest of us.

          1. re: Lambowner

            If it happens, it will be fascinating to see if the quality is in line with the original in Taylor. I don't know if those pits, and all the accumulated goodness of decades of smoke, etc., can be recreated. But if it can, and they can find a man (or woman) to run the pit, it will be a great day for Houston.