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comfortable and delicious birthday dinner

As my Husband's birthday approaches, I'm looking for a fantastic dinner spot. We love Gramercy Tavern, Blue Hill and Betony, but eat at those places regularly enough as it is. I'd love to try a new spot that is "white tablecloth" at heart, but still warm, friendly and — of course — the food is top notch.

Non-ridiculous tasting menus are in play, EMP and The Modern are out for reasons and I've got more than 28 days to make a reservation. And just for an added idea of our taste, Prune, The Nomad and pre-drug bust Gwynnett St. are some other favorites.

Okay, hive mind, what do you have for me?

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  1. have you been to annisa? what about jungsik?

    1. I was going to say The NoMad (Parlour Room) but it looks like that would be a place you already frequent. How about Picholine? A lot of people think it reads too formal but I disagree. Mas or Mas La Grillade (nice but maybe not special enough).

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        Hadn't considered Annisa. I'll look into it, thanks.
        Jungsik has been on our list for a while, perhaps this is the time.

        We actually went to Picholine last year and it was a disaster. They forgot one of our courses and then got a couple more out of order — don't remember the food because the service was so bad.

        Went to Mas recently. It wasn't bad, but I did think it was overpriced for the quality of ingredients they used.

      2. i haven't tried juni yet but the reviews have been positive....

        1. Haha-"gwennett st pre drug bust"...!

          Lafayette? Or maybe too casual....?

          Maialino is both comfortable and white table cloth

          Telepan isn't mentioned here often but i went again recently and was still impressed- reminds me a lot of gramercy tavern, and nice wine list

          1. Juni and Jungsik are both excellent suggestions.

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              I've booked Juni. I have a soft spot for menus structured like that. It's not til mid-Feb, but I'll report back.

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                I'm dining at Juni next week. Their on-line menu looks wonderful!

            2. Rouge Tomate


              (Second the rec for JungSik)

              1. We just celebrated a birthday at jungsik and we couldn't have made a better decision, everything was great, the service, the food, a wonderful experience!

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                  Glad to hear you had a good time. did you dine there on the weekend if so, was the dining room full?

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                    It was a monday night, half empty... I've been at Jungsik 6 times in the past year and every time it has been better than before, can't stop recommending it.

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                      When I dined at Jungsik in early December on a Saturday night, the restaurant was almost full (except maybe 1 or 2 tables). BTW, I loved my dinner, and look forward to returning.